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Thursday 28 March 2024

John Tubb and Mary Anne Harfull

Portsmouth Naval Base - Lion Gate
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Town gate, now naval entrance way. 1778. The Lion Gate which once stood at the end of Queen Street, Portsea, dismantled in the 19th century and re-erected in present position 1929.

John Tubb (bap. 12 Feb 1816) Seaman, son of William Tubb and Sarah Chard, married Mary Anne Harfull (bap. 11 Aug 1816), daughter of William Harfull and Mary Anne Brine, at St Mary's Church, Portsea on 28 Mar 1838. Witnesses to this marriage were Eliza Harfull and William Tubb.

John and Mary Anne Tubb had nine children:
  1. John William Tubb b. 1839 J Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 07 Page 119, bap. 15 Sep 1839 at St Mary's, Portsea. Residence Abercrombie Street, Portsmouth (wiped out by bombing) and his father was a Seaman. John William Tubb (28) Shipwright of Lion Gate Road, Landport died on 22 Dec 1867 (1867 D Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Volume 02B Page 257), buried on 27 Dec 1867 at Portsea Cemetery.
  2. Emma Ann Tubb b. 1841 Q3 in Portsea Island Vol 7 Page 106, bap. 11 Jul 1841 at St Mary's Portsea. Address was Copenhagen Street, Landport - also no longer exists - John was still a Seaman.
  3. William Cox Tubb b. 1848 S Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 07 Page 132, bap. 8 Oct 1848 at St Mary's, Portsea.
  4. Edward Tubb b. 1850 M Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 07 Page 147, bap. 20 Oct 1850 at St Mary's, Portsea. The family had moved to Spring Street and John was still described as a Seaman.
  5. Mary Ann Tubb b. 1851 D Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 07 Page 144, bap. 2 Nov 1851 at St Mary's, Portsea. They were then living in Lion Gate Road and John was listed as a Beer Retailer.
  6. Sarah Tubb b. 1853 S Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND UNION Volume 02B Page 310, bap. 10 Jul 1853 at St Mary's, Portsea. Again living in Lion Gate Road and John listed as a Beer Retailer.
  7. Ellen Tubb b. 1855 D Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Volume 02B Page 304. Died, aged 2Y 8M, on 5 May 1858 (1858 J Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Volume 02B Page 253), buried on 9 May 1858 at St Mary's Portsea, daughter of John Tubb, of Lion Gate Road, Landport.
  8. Elizabeth Tubb b. 1857 J Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Volume 02B Page 325, bap. 2 Apr 1862 at All Saints, Portsea, residence Lion Gate Road and John listed as a Licenced Victualler.
  9. Henry Tubb b. 1860 D Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 339, bap. 2 Apr 1862 at All Saints, Portsea. Died, aged 3, on 15 Jan 1864 (1864 M Quarter in PORTSEA ISLAND Vol 02B Page 292), buried 19 Jan 1864 at Portsea Cemetery, son of John Tubb of Lion Gate Road.
On the birth registrations for William Cox, Mary Ann, Ellen and Elizabeth the mother's maiden name is listed as HARFIELD. On the registrations for John William, Edward, Sarah and Henry, it is correctly listed as HARFULL.

We have scant details of John's naval career as he was too early for a continuous service record, but the obvious conclusion is that he went on a lengthy cruise between the births of Emma in 1841 and William in 1848.

John Tubb, born in Portsmouth, 5ft 10in, with dark brown hair, a ruddy complexion and hazel eyes and an anchor on his right arm, was, however, issued with a Merchant Seaman ticket in Valparaíso (Chile), on 17 Mar 1846, whilst serving with HMS Daphne (1838) in the capacity of Master-at-Arms. This record gives his date of birth as 15 Nov 1813. Baptised in early 1816, various records suggest that John Tubb was born in late 1815 and I'm happy to accept this record and believe that the tall lad made himself 2 years older when he signed up as a Seaman in 1831 - as he was then 16 and a boy, so by adding 2 years will have had him taken on and paid accordingly as an adult.

Adding weight to accepting the above record, HMS Daphne, on 30 Jul 1842 was reported at Portsmouth and on 28 Sep 1842 departed Spithead for South America. In Feb 1843, she was struck by lightning off Montevideo (Uruguay); on 26 Jul 1845 they arrived at Port Apia (Samoa), then proceeded to Auckland, New Zealand the following day. On 2 Oct 1845 Daphne left Auckland for the Pacific. 1846 Pacific and Otaheite (Tahiti). Jan 1848 Chatham, in Ordinary - which precisely fits the gap between kids.

In 1851, in Lion Gate Road, were John Tubb (36) Beer seller; Mary Tubb (35), John Tubb (12), Emma Tubb (10), William Tubb (2), Edward Tubb (1) and Frances Thompsham (17) and William Snook (10) House Servants.

In 1861, and still in Lion Gate Road, Portsmouth, were John Tubb (45) Publican; Mary Tubb (44) Publican's Wife; John Tubb (21) Assistant; Emma Cook (19) Seaman's wife; William Tubb (12), Edward Tubb (11), Mary Ann Tubb (9), Sarah Tubb (7), Elizabeth Tubb (4), Henry Tubb (0), Maria Tithridge (20) House Servant; Honore Batchat (15) House Servant; Charlet (sic) White (31) House Servant and Thomas Carroll (41) Traveller, Boarder.

The Hampshire Telegraph of 28 Dec 1867, under DEATHS, carried the following notice: "TUBB-On the 22nd instant, at the "Battle and the Breeze," Landport, John William Tubb, eldest son of John Tubb, aged 28." Although the Hampshire Telegraph on 26 Nov 1859 had placed Mary Tubb at the "Battle and Breeze", this confirms the name of the pub they ran for 25+ years. The Battle and the Breeze, Landport, The Portsmouth Encyclopedia tells us, was on north side of Lion Gate Road, on the east corner of Spring Street. That part of Lion Gate Road is now part of Edinburgh Road." That location is where the Park Tavern is today, although it may well now be a different edifice.

In 1871, with the address listed as 10 Lion Gate Road, were John Tubb (55) Licenced Victualler; Mary Tubb (54), Edward Tubb (21) Cabinet Maker; Mary A Tubb (19) Milliner; Sarah Tubb (17), Elizabeth Tubb (14), William Cook (7) listed as Nephew - he was actually John and Mary's grandson, so perhaps one of the children filled out the census forms and gave the relationship to themselves rather than their father - Alfred Hayden (25) Waiter, Domestic Servant; and James Brown (46) from Kent, Lodger, Pensioner RN.

In 1875 & 1878, son Edward Tubb is listed at the Battle & the Breeze.

In 1881, living at 114, Queens Road, Portsea, was John Tubb (65) Retired Publican with Mary Tubb (64), William Tubb (32) Upholsterer; Elizabeth Tubb (23) and William Cook (17) Tailor's Apprentice.

In 1891, at 1, Queens Road, Portsea, were John Tubb (75), Mary Tubb (74), William Tubb (42) Upholster and Emma Honeyman (17) Domestic Servant.

Mary Tubb, wife of John Tubb of Queen's Road, Buckland, died aged 83 in 1900 J Quarter and was buried on 29 Jun 1900 at Kingston Cemetery.

In 1901, John Tubb (85) Living on own means was still living at 1, Queens Road, Portsmouth with his son William Tubb (51) Living on own means and Bertha K Hillyer (23) General Domestic Servant.

John Tubb of Queens Road died, aged 90, in 1905 D Quarter in PORTSMOUTH Vol 02B Page 255 and was buried on 24 Nov 1905.

  • There was a William Tubb (62) Retired, Single, living alone at 17 Chitty Road, Portsmouth in 1911 and a record in the Portsmouth Workhouse Registers of a William Tubb b. 1848, admitted and discharged on 3 Sep 1914. There is also a record of a death of a William Tubb in Q3 of 1914. Sadly, all of these may relate.