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Wednesday, 10 May 2023

James Orchard and Elizabeth How

Church of All Saints, Dulverton
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James Orchard (bap. 25 Dec 1808 in Luxborough, Somerset) son of John Orchard and Elizabeth Darch, married Elizabeth How (bap. 27 Jul 1807 in Exton, Somerset), daughter of Joseph How and Mary How, on 28 Feb 1831 at the church of All SaintsDulverton, Somerset. Not the church seen today, but in the previous 15th Century building (the tower survives), that was largely rebuilt in the 1850s. Witnesses were Jane How and James How.

James and Elizabeth had seven children, all baptised in Dulverton:
  1. Frances Ann Orchard bap. 3 Jul 1831 
  2. Thomas Orchard bap. 2 Feb 1834 
  3. Mary Elizabeth Orchard bap. 13 Jan 1837
  4. Ellen Howe Orchard b. 1839 S Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 238, bap. 6 Oct 1839
  5. Matthew Howe Orchard b. 1843 J Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 258, bap. 21 May 1843
  6. Anne Orchard b. 1846 D Quarter in TIVERTON AND DULVERTON Volume 10 Page 263, bap. 10 Jan 1847
  7. Jane Orchard b. 1852 S Quarter in TIVERTON Volume 05B Page 396, bap. 29 Aug 1852
The mother's maiden name listed on all the GRO birth records is HOWE.

In 1841, James Orchard (30) and Elizabeth Orchard (30), Thomas Orchard (7), Mary Orchard (4) and Ellen Orchard (1) were living in the household of Grace Hanford (65) at Castle Court, Dulverton. Frances (10), was living at West Broford, Dulverton, with her grandparents, Joseph and Mary How.

In 1851, in Dulverton, were James Orchard (42) Colt Breaker from Luxborough, Somerset; Elizabeth Orchard (43), Mary E Orchard (14), Ellen H Orchard (11), Matthew H Orchard (7), Ann Orchard (7) and Ann Badley (21) Lodger. Frances Ann Orchard (19) House Servant, was still living in the household of her grandfather, Joseph How, Farmer of 180 Acres, at West Broford, as was Thomas Orchard (17) Grandson, Farm Servant.

Elizabeth Orchard died, at 52, in 1860 J Quarter in DULVERTON Volume 05C Page 265 and was buried on 22 Apr 1860, at Dulverton.

In 1861, James Orchard (48) Colt Breaker, Widowed, was a Lodger in the household of John Holcombe (67) in Back Street, Dulverton. I've not been able to find Frances Ann. Thomas Orchard (27) was living in the household of his Father-in-law, George Staple (53), also there was his sister Ann Orchard (14). There was a Mary Orchard (22) Housemaid in Fore Street, Dulverton; an Ellen Orchard (24) Kitchenmaid at Calm John Cottages, Rewe, Devon; Matthew Orchard (17) Saddler was living in Bridgetown Village, Exton, in the household of James Clatworthy (44) Sadler and Jane Orchard (9) was a Visitor in the household of John Rudd (29) in Lady Street, Dulverton.

In 1871, James Orchard (65) Labourer, Widowed, from Luxborough, Somerset, was a lodger in the household of William England (50).

James Orchard died, aged 69, in 1878 D Quarter in DULVERTON Volume 05C Page 227 and was buried, on 14 Dec 1878, in Dulverton.
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