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Thomas Willis and Mary Essex

All Saints' Church, Thorpe Malsor
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Thomas Willis (bap. 19 Jan 1752 in Thorpe Malsor), son of William and Elizabeth Willis, married Mary Essex on 13 Oct 1778 at All Saints ChurchThorpe Malsor, Northamptonshire. Thomas and Mary had nine children, all of whom were baptised at Thorpe Malsor, All Saints:

  1. William Willis bap. 2 Jan 1780
  2. Elizabeth Willis bap. 7 Apr 1782
  3. Mary Willis bap. 18 Jul 1784
  4. Ann Willis bap. 26 Mar 1786
  5. Maria Willis bap. 24 May 1789
  6. Joseph Willis bap. 25 Apr 1791
  7. Thomas Willis bap. 11 Feb 1792
  8. John Willis bap. 24 May 1795
  9. Lucey (sic) Willis bap. 15 Jan 1797
It is clear that they named the first two children after Thomas' parents and therefore appear to follow common family convention on naming. Particularly interesting and unusual is that there are both a Mary and a Maria - that these are NOT interchangeable to the same person. Maria Willis and her husband, Solomon Thompson, do this too and re-use many of these same names, adding weight to the reasons for accepting this as the correct family.

There is a death of a Mary Willis in the area in 1799 that may relate.

Thomas Willis born 1752, was buried in Thorpe Malsor in 1814.

Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis

All Saints' Church, Thorpe Malsor
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Solomon Thompson Jnr (b. 1786), son of Solomon Thompson Sr and Ann Rawson, married Maria Willis, daughter of Thomas Willis and Mary Essex, at All Saints ChurchThorpe Malsor on 19 Jan 1807

Their children, all baptised at St Andrew's Church, Cransley include:
  1. Mary Thompson bap. 14 Dec 1807
  2. Daniel Thompson bap. 30 Jul 1809
  3. Thomas Thompson bap. 14 Apr 1811
  4. Maria Thompson bap. 19 Dec 1814
  5. Lucy Thompson bap. 18 Dec 1815
  6. Anne Thompson bap. 20 Oct 1817
  7. Eliza Thompson bap. 9 Jul 1820 (buried 14 Oct 1821)
  8. Solomon Thompson bap. 4 Apr 1822
  9. Eliza Thompson bap. 8 Feb 1824
  10. William Thompson bap. 31 Dec 1825 
  11. Martha Thompson, b. 1826, bap. 20 Dec 1831
  12. Elizabeth Thompson bap. 20 Dec 1831 (age 3y 3m, so b. 1828) 
Solomon Thompson Jnr, carpenter, died, in 1839, aged 54.

By 1841, Maria Thompson (55), Pauper, was in the Hamlet of Cransley, as the head of the family with younger sons Solomon (20), Carpenter's Apprentice and William (15), and daughter Martha (14), as well as a John James (20) - presumably a boarder/lodger - also a Carpenter's Apprentice. 

In 1851, Maria Thompson (66), Pauper, Carpenter's Widow, was living in Cransley with son William (25) and Anne Thompson (5) (Elizabeth's child).

In 1861, Maria Thompson (74) widow, was still living in Cransley, with just her son Thomas (31) living with her.

By 1871, Maria (listed as Mary) Thompson (85) was living with her youngest daughter, Elizabeth Wykes, in Deptford. 

Maria Thompson died, in Greenwich in 1873, age given as 88.