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Sunday, 7 May 2023

William White and Ann Francis

All Saints' Church, Mattishall, Norfolk

William White, son of Jacob White and Rose Bunkall, married Anne Francis, daughter of William Francis and Sarah Homes, at All Saints' Church, Mattishall, Norfolk on 7 May 1826. Records exist for eight children: 

  1. Mariann White baptised 8 Oct 1826 in Mattishall
  2. Anne White baptised 23 Oct 1831 in Mattishall 
  3. William White (born 1834) baptised 26 Jun 1836 in Mattishall
  4. Sarah White baptised 26 Jun 1836 in Mattishall
  5. Elizabeth White baptised 27 May 1838 in Mattishall
  6. Hannah White baptised 23 Aug 1840 in Mattishall
  7. Maria White baptised 31 Jul 1842 in Mattishall
  8. Walter White, born 16 Nov 1845 in Thorpe 

In 1841, William (35) and Anne (35) were living 'Near the Church, Mattishall' with children: Mariann - listed as Mary - (14), Ann (9), William (7), Sarah (5), Elizabeth (3) and Hannah (0), as well as an Ann Clark (55).

By 1851, they had moved to Thorpe Road, St Andrew Thorpe with William (44), a gardener by profession, Anne (47), Ann (19), William (17), also employed as a gardener, Hannah (10), Maria (8) and Walter (5).

In 1861, at Red Lion Hill, Thorpe were William (54), gardener, Anne (54), Hannah (26), Maria (18) and Walter (15). 

In 1871, William White (64), gardener, and Anne White (68) were in Thorpe Street, Thorpe St Andrew, with granddaughter, Mary Ann Watson (13). 

William White died just 16 days after the 1871 census was taken, aged 64, on 18 April 1871 and was buried at the Rosary Cemetery, Norwich.
16 Oct 1871: The will of William White late of Thorpe St. Andrew in the County of Norfolk, Gardener, who died 18 April 1871 at Thorpe St. Andrew was proved at Norwich by Francis Anthony Martyn of the City of Norwich Upholsterer one of the Executors. Effects under £100. (Francis Anthony Martyn was William's son-in-law, then married to daughter, Ann.)
In 1881, Ann White (78), widow, was living with her daughter Ann Martin (sic) (49), also then widowed, in Lothian Street, Norwich. Ann White died in 1889, aged 86 and is buried with her husband at the Rosary Cemetery.

Headstone for William White and Ann Francis in need of support (left) Plot D3/578

Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Stephen Wilton and Sophia Watson

St George's Church, Wells Way, Camberwell
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Stephen Wilton, son of Ann Wilton, married Sophia Watson at St George's Church, Camberwell on 4 Sep 1871. Sophia was the daughter of James Watson and Sophia Barker, who had also married in Camberwell, in 1843, although, Sophia was born in Newcastle upon Tyne, in 1851, where her father was listed at that time, in Wellington Street, Westgate, as a Leather finisher and dyer. Stephen Wilton was a Harness Maker: a trade he undoubtedly learned while apprenticed to his uncle Thomas Clark (his mother's sister Sarah's husband), who was one of the witnesses to Stephen and Sophia's marriage.

Stephen and Sophia had a dozen children, all born in Peckham:
  1. Matilda Wilton born 1872
  2. Edward Wilton born 1873
  3. Stephen Wilton born 1875
  4. Sophia Ann born 1878 (died 1878, aged 0)
  5. Rose Wilton born 1879 (died 1881, aged 1)
  6. Jane Wilton born 1881
  7. William Wilton born 1883
  8. Minnie Wilton born 1885 (died 1886, aged 0)
  9. Robert Wilton born 16 Apr 1887
  10. Florence Wilton born 1891
  11. Maud Wilton born 1893
  12. Edith Wilton born 1895
Sophia Watson (née Barker) died in 1873, in Southwark, aged 52.

In 1881, living at 29, Sumner Road, Camberwell, were Stephen Wilton (33) Harness Maker, Sophia (30), Matilda (9), Edward (7), Stephen (5) and Jane (0).

In 1891, in Camden Grove North, Camberwell, we find Stephen Wilton (43), Sophia (40), Edward Wilton (17) Soldier - records show that Edward had joined the East Surrey Regiment in 1890 - Stephen (15) Tin plate maker, Jane (10), William (8) and Robert (4) - the last 3 at school.

In 1901, they were to be found at 24, Middle Street, Camberwell, where Stephen Wilton (53), Sophia (50) have Jane (20) Ironer, William (18) Tin worker, Robert (14) Van boy, Florence (9), Maud (8) and Edith (5) still at home.

And in 1911, at 129 Camden Grove North, Peckham: Stephen Wilton (63) Harness Maker, Sophia (60), Robert (23) Deal porter - a demanding and dangerous job done by a specialist group of workers in London's docks - Florence (19), Maud (18) Ironer and Edith (15) Book folder.

Stephen Wilton died in 1913, in Camberwell, aged 65.

Sophia Wilton (née Watson) died in 1931, aged 80. 

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