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Henry Wilton Pryor and Ann Hockley

New Street at the junction of Great Dunmow High Street
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Henry Wilton Pryor (b. 14 Nov 1827), son of John Pryor and Elizabeth Wilton married Ann Hockley (b. 1830), in Cambridge in 1849. It will need a copy of the marriage certificate to discover more about Ann's origins. She claimed to have been born in Bethnal Green, Hackney and Brixton Hill on different censuses, but there are no relevant records in those areas.

In 1841, there was an Ann Hockey (11) living at Park Corner, Great Dunmow in the household of Steel Lambert (65) and wife Elizabeth [formerly Willsher] (65). This Ann is of the right age, but what, if any, relation are the Lambert's? Steel and Elizabeth Lambert had a daughter, Ann Lambert (30), living with them. And Ann Lambert had been one of the witnesses at the marriage of HENRY HOCKLEY of the Parish of (Saint Andrew Undershaft in the County of Middlesex) and MARTHA LAMBERT of this Parish at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow on 18 Aug 1825. This Henry Hockley was a Tailor. The other witness was Ebenezer Hockley (Draper & Tailor), son of Robert Hockley, Tailor and Draper. Although I cannot find a baptism for Martha, there was a newspaper announcement in the Essex & Herts Mercury of 23 Aug 1825, which read: "18th at Great Dunmow, Mr Hockley of London to Miss Martha Lambert of Mr S Lambert ..." Mr S Lambert could be Steel Lambert. Either way, we certainly have this marriage link between the Hockleys and the Lamberts. This still doesn't prove exactly how Ann Hockley was related, but from this, I'm sure this was her in 1841 and that the Lamberts were family. And Henry Hockley (53), in 1851, was living in Bethnal Green.

In 1841, Henry Wilton Pryor, listed as Henry Prior (14) Apprentice Tailor, had been living in the household of his Uncle Henry Wilton (his mother's brother) in High Street, Great Dunmow. It seems entirely possible, he may have been apprenticed to another Uncle, Joseph Wilton, who was a Tailor.

Henry Wilton and Ann Pryor had eleven children:

  1. Harry Pryor b. 1850 S Quarter in CAMBRIDGE Volume 14 Page 2, bap. 29 Jul 1855 in Felsted, Essex
  2. Lydia Ann Pryor b. 1852 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 312, bap. 29 Jul 1855 in Felsted, Essex. Died, aged 21, in 1873.
  3. Elizabeth Pryor bap. 29 Jul 1855 in Felsted, Essex. Died, aged 20, in 1874 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 271
  4. William John Pryor b. 1855 D Quarter in BURY SAINT EDMUND'S Volume 04A. Died, at 19, on 28 Mar 1875 M Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 309 and was buried on 1 Apr 1875
  5. Alice Pryor b. 1858 S Qtr in DUNMOW UNION Vol 04A Page 291. Died, aged 16, in 1875 M Qtr in DUNMOW UNION Vol 04A Page 305
  6. Charles Thomas Pryor b. 1860 J Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 333. Died, aged 16, in 1877 M Qtr in DUNMOW UNION Vol 04A Page 268
  7. Hubert Edwin Pryor b. 1862 J Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 357
  8. George Joseph Pryor b. 1864 M Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 381
  9. Fanny Pryor b. 1866 M Qtr in DUNMOW UNION Vol 04A Page 386. Died, aged 14, in 1880 J Qtr in DUNMOW UNION Vol 04A Page 270
  10. Alfred Francis Pryor b. 1868 M Qtr in DUNMOW UNION Vol 04A Page 379. Died, aged 22, in 1890 J Qtr in FULHAM Vol 01A Page 144
  11. Frederick Clarance Prior b. 1870 M Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A P414
All of the GRO birth registrations confirm the mother's maiden name as HOCKLEY. The 1855 baptisms list Henry Wilton Pryor as a Tailor.

In 1861, Henry Wilton Pryor (33) Master Tailor Employing 1 Man, from Royston, Hertfordshire was living in Great Dunmow, Essex, with Ann Pryor (31) birthplace listed as Bethnal Green, Middlesex; Harry Prior (10) birthplace St Andrew The Less, Cambridgeshire; Lydia A Pryor (9) and Elizabeth Pryor (7) both born in Felsted, Essex and William John Pryor (5) born in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. Obviously, the family had been moving around quite a bit in the previous decade before returning to Dunmow.

In 1871 and still in Great Dunmow were Henry W Pryor (43) Tailor; Ann Pryor (41) birthplace London; Elizabeth Pryor (17), Alice Pryor (13), Thomas Pryor [Charles Thomas] (11), Herbert Pryor [Hubert Edwin] (9), Joseph Pryor [George Joseph] (7), Fanny Pryor (5), Alfred Pryor (3) and Frederick Pryor (1).

If the level of loss in Joseph Wilton's family in the 1870's had been heart-breaking, in Henry Wilton Pryor's family, it was overwhelmingly cruel with the deaths of six of their children in a seven year period: Lydia Ann at 21 in 1873; Elizabeth at 20 in 1874; William John at 19 in 1875; Alice at 16 in 1875; Charles Thomas at 16 in 1877 and Fanny at 14 in 1880. Without seeing the death certificates, it's mere speculation, but for this pattern to be in both households it suggests an infectious agent and a close association. As the deaths are spaced over years, perhaps Smallpox or Tuberculosis.

Henry Wilton Pryor died, at 51, on 12 Oct 1879 D Quarter in DUNMOW UNION Volume 04A Page 277 and was buried on 17 Oct 1879. His burial is listed among "England, Essex Non-Conformist Church Records".

In 1881, Ann Pryor (51) Tailor's widow with birthplace this time listed as Hackney, Middlesex, Infirmity: Deaf was living in New Street, Great Dunmow with Alfred Pryor (13) and Frederick C Pryor (11). Harry Pryor (30) Drapers accountant was living in Hastings, Sussex; Herbert E Pryor (18) Draper's Assistant was at Messr Tarns Establishment, Newington, Southwark, London. The Elephant and Castle area became a thriving shopping area with its own department store, Tarns: "William Tarn and Co. were Linen drapers, silk mercers, boys' and ladies' outfitters, boot makers, carpet warehousemen, ironmongers, bedding, bedstead and general cabinet furniture manufacturers" of 165 to 173 Newington Causeway, London SE17. They were a kind of Department Store employing a large number of staff, of whom many were accommodated in a hostel or in dormitories provided by their employer. It housed 221 in total on 03 Apr 1881" [Source]

In 1891, Ann Pryor (61) Widowed, Living on own means was still living in New Street, Great Dunmow, with Frederick C Pryor (21) Solicitor's Clerk and Ann Trott (63) Widowed, Housekeeper Domestic Servant.

Ann Pryor died, at 61, in 1891 J Qtr in DUNMOW Vol 04A Page 390.

  • Lydia Ann Pryor married Porter Gentry in Dunmow, Essex, in 1871. Lydia Ann Gentry died, at 21, in 1873 S Quarter in BRAINTREE Volume 04A Page 232. (Porter Gentry remarried in 1895.)
  • George Joseph Pryor married Emma Selina Piper on 7 Nov 1886. George Joseph Pryor died at 77 in 1941 D Qtr in BRENTFORD Vol 03A Page 261 and was buried on 26 Nov 1941, according to Essex Monumental Inscriptions, in Takeley, Essex.
  • Herbert Edwin Pryor married in 1887. He and his wife, Annie, did not appear to have any children. When Herbert (84) died on 30 Oct 1946, his beneficiaries were his nephews, sons of George Joseph.
  • Harry Pryor married Elizabeth Corps in Hastings, in 1890. Harry Pryor (64) died on 18 Sep 1914 S Qtr in HASTINGS Vol 02B P32.
  • Frederick Clarance Pryor married Alice Blake Pitts in Dunmow, in 1897. Frederick Clarence Pryor died at 62, in 1932 J Quarter in BROMLEY [Kent] Volume 02A Page 696.

Solomon Thompson and Ann Burr

Old Bethnal Green Road
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Solomon Thompson (48) widower, builder, son of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, married Ann Burr (39), widow, on 14 Aug 1871, at the St Jude's Church (on Old Bethnal Green Road), Bethnal Green. Both gave their address as 8 Hare Street, Bethnal Green. On this marriage, Ann lists her father as William Turner, Paper Maker, which I have yet to confirm. Likewise, I've been unable to find a marriage of an Ann Turner to anyone named Burr.

There was an Albert Edward Thompson born in 1872 M Quarter in BETHNAL GREEN Volume 01C  Page 334, with his mother's maiden name as Turner, but I've found no record that would confirm this as a child of this couple.

In 1851, Solomon Thompson (28) Carpenter, from Northamptonshire, alone, but listed as married, had been a Lodger in Mile End Old Town, Stepney.

In 1861, Solomon Thompson (37) Joiner, from Northamptonshire along with wife Jane (28) with her birthplace listed as Clifton, Cumberland, were living in Seabright Street, Bethnal Green

There are no clues whatsoever to Jane's maiden name, nor can I find a record of their marriage either. There was a death of a Jane Thompson of the approximately correct age in 1868, but no means to confirm that this is the relevant one. Neither can I find if there were any children of this marriage.

It appears that Solomon Thompson died, aged 49, in 1872 S Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 310.

Sadly, too many people named Ann Thompson to follow her forward.

Edward Green and Eliza Goodman

St. Matthew's Church, Bethnal Green
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Edward Green (50) Licenced Victualler, Batchelor, son of William Green, Blacksmith, eventually married Eliza Goodman (47) Spinster, by Licence at Christ Church, St George in the East (Christ Church Watney Street), on 12 Jun 1870. They'd already been living together for around 30 years. Neither could read and write and each made their mark with an X. Witnesses were Charles John Osborne and Ann Bellett, Eliza's eldest sister.

Edward and Eliza had already had five lovely daughters: 
  1. Eliza Green b. Q1 1841 in Bethnal Green, mother's maiden surname Goodman. (This looks like the child on the 1841 census. Eliza born 1841, does not appear on the census again.) There is a death of an Eliza Green, aged 8 in 1850 in Bethnal Green that would correspond.
  2. Emma Green b. 1847 (there is a birth registered in the 3rd quarter, in Bethnal Green, with mother's maiden surname given as Goodwin.)
  3. Mary Ann Green b. 3 Jul 1849, bap. 29 Jul 1849 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green. Found no civil birth registration for Mary Ann.
  4. Sarah Green b. 15 May 1854, bap. 11 Jun at Christ Church, Stepney.
  5. Eliza Louisa Green b. 21 Mar 1858 in St George in the East (1858 J Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 413. Mother's maiden surname Goodman), bap. 18 Apr 1858 at Christ Church, Jamaica Street, Stepney. Died, aged 13, in 1871 in Mile End.
From his baptism, we discover that Edward Green was born on 28 May 1821 and baptised on 7 Oct 1821 at the church of St George in the EastCannon Street Road, son of William Green, Brazier and his wife Matilda. 

The records of the 1st and 5th births had already confirmed Eliza's surname as Goodman. The 1851 census, says she was from Braintree, Essex. On her marriage certificate, Eliza lists her father as Thomas Goodman, Carpenter: she was the daughter of Thomas Goodman and Mary Ann Pluck.

There is a record of an Edward Green (18) occupation Cabinet Maker, being indicted for stealing, on the 28th of January 1837, 1 horse-cloth, value 4s., the goods of Robert Campion. He was tried at the Old Bailey on 2 Feb 1837, found guilty and sentenced to one month in Newgate Prison.

In 1841, in Anglesea Street, St Matthew, Bethnal Green, there's a weird census entry of an Edward Green (20), Cabinet Maker, not born in the county and, with him are an Elizabeth (2) and Elizabeth (1 month). This might make sense if the first Elizabeth was 20, but it doesn't look like a mis-transcription. And Elizabeth isn't Eliza. Nevertheless, I'm pretty sure this is them.

At the time of Mary Ann's baptism in 1849 they were living in Scott Street, Bethnal Green

In 1851, living in Scott Street, Bethnal Green, we find Edward Green (32), Cabinet Maker, born in Shoreditch, with Eliza Green (28), born in Braintree, Essex, and daughter Emma Green (3). Where was Mary Ann? 

On Eliza Louisa Green's baptism in 1858, the family's address was given as Chapel Street, St George in the East, which was later renamed Tait Street. We know they were already at the The King and Queen public house in 1858.

In 1861, at 25, Mary Street (same place: on the corner with Tait Street), St George in the East, are Edward Green (40), Publican, Eliza (38), Emma (13), Mary (12), Sarah (6) and Eliza (3), and Harriet Blundell (12), visitor.

Edward Green died on 22 Jun 1870, aged 50, from liver and kidney disease, just 10 days after he and Eliza married. From this, we can probably deduce that he knew how sick he was and at least cared enough to leave Eliza the means, through marriage, to take over the pub licence and a livelihood.

In 1871, at Tait Street, St George in the East (still the King and Queen pub), were Eliza Green (48), Widow, Licenced Victualler, married daughter, Emma Horn (22), Barmaid, John Horn (23), Plumber, Sarah Green (17), Eliza Green (13), Eliza Thompson (2), granddaughter, Emma Horn (2), granddaughter, Edward J Horn (0), grandson, and Emily R Slade (14), General Servant.

The East London Observer in August 1875 lists Eliza Green as the outgoing licensee at the King and Queen. 

In 1881, Eliza was living with her daughter Sarah and her husband, Alfred James Lynch, at the Duke of Norfolk public house in Mile End Old Town. 

There is a death of an Eliza Green, in 1890, which may relate.

John Byatt and Elizabeth Leaper

St. Mary's Church and churchyard, Churchgate, EN8
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John Byatt (bap. 3 Oct 1819 in Little Canfield, Essex) son of John Byatt and Jane Stokes, married Elizabeth Leaper (b. 10 Sep 1825, bap. 9 Oct 1825 in Aldenham, Hertfordshire) daughter of John Leaper and Mary Mayse in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire on 25 May 1845.

John and Elizabeth had ten children:
  1. John Edward Byatt b. 23 Mar 1846 J Quarter in EDMONTON Volume 03 Page 141, bap. 12 Apr 1846 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
  2. George Byatt b. 3 Jan 1848 M Quarter in EDMONTON Volume 03 Page 132, bap. 13 Feb 1848 in Cheshunt, Hertfordshire
  3. William Byatt b. 20 Jan 1850 M Qtr in EDMONTON Vol 03 Page 144
  4. Charles Byart b. 1 Aug 1852 S Qtr in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C Page 149
  5. Elizabeth Byart b. 1854 D Quarter in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C Page 125
  6. Jane Byart b. 3 Nov 1856 D Quarter in SHOREDITCH Vol 01C Page 140
  7. Emma Byart b. 1859 S Quarter in WHITECHAPEL Vol 01C Page 338
  8. Thomas Byart b. 1861 J Quarter in ISLINGTON Vol 01B Page 290
  9. Louisa Byart b. 1863 D Quarter in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C Page 323
  10. Ellen Byart b. 1866 J Quarter in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C Page 329
The first three children were registered correctly under the surname Byatt, then thereafter they changed the spelling to Byart. Their mother's maiden name is LEAPER (misspelled on William's as LEARPER). There are baptisms of William, Charles and Jane Byart on 10 Apr 1857 at St Thomas, Charterhouse, Finsbury, but while these appear to relate, there is nothing to corroborate them, other than the coincidence of the names and close dates, besides the baptisms skip Elizabeth and give the father's name as William Byart.

In 1861, John Byart (42) Carman from Dunmow, Essex, was living in City Gardens, Islington with Elizabeth Byart (36) from Watford, Hertfordshire; John E Byart (15) Lucifer Match Maker (it was the production of Lucifer matches that caused the workers to strike at Bryant & May Match Workers Strike); George Byart (13), William Byart (11), Charles Byart (9), Elizabeth Byart (6), Jane Byart (4) and Emma Byart (2).

In 1871, John Byart (51) Carman was living in Mile End Old Town with Elizabeth Byart (48), John Byart (25) Engine Driver; Charles Byart (19) Horse Keeper; Thomas Byart (17) Scholar; Elizabeth Byart (16), Jane Byart (14), Louisa Byart (8) and Helen (sic) Byart (4).

In 1891, John Byart (72) birthplace wrongly listed as Brentwood, Essex, was living in the household of Josiah Ayris (32) Carman in St Ann's Road, Mile End Old Town. Josiah was his son-in-law, second husband of daughter Emma. This took some deciphering, because John Byart's wife is inexplicably listed as Sarah and Emma was listed as Ann. Were they or the enumerator drunk? 

John Byatt died at 72 in 1892 J Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 344 and Elizabeth Byart died at 73, in 1898 D Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 306.

Thomas Goodman and Mary Ann Pluck

The Deanery Church of St. Mary the Virgin, Bocking Churchstreet, Braintree
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Thomas Goodman (b. 7 Jan 1791, bap. 13 Feb 1791), son of William Goodman and Elizabeth Turner, married Mary Ann Pluck (bap. 12 Mar 1790 at St Mary the Virgin, Saffron Walden), daughter of John James Pluck and Elizabeth Coe, at St Mary the Virgin, Bocking, on 22 Jan 1813.

Thomas and Mary Ann Goodman had eight children:
  1. Ann Goodman bap. 9 Nov 1814 at St. Michael's Church, Braintree
  2. William Goodman bap. 16 Jul 1815 at St Mary the Virgin, Bocking
  3. Mary Ann Goodman bap. 3 Aug 1817 in Bocking, Essex. Died Feb 1824 at Scott Street, Bethnal Green. Buried on 15 Feb 1824 at Globe Fields Burial Ground, Mile End Old Town (aka Globe Road Memorial Garden).
  4. George Goodman b. 29 Apr 1819 (presumably born in Essex), bap. 25 Dec 1822 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green
  5. Eliza Goodman bap. 16 Dec 1821 at St. Andrew's ChurchHalstead
  6. Phebe Goodman b. 6 Dec 1823, bap. 9 May 1824 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green. Died May 1824 at Scott Street, Bethnal Green. Buried 23 May 1824 at Globe Fields Burial Ground, Mile End Old Town.
  7. Thomas Alfred Goodman b. 2 Mar 1825, bap. 25 Dec 1825 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green. Died July 1826 at Tent Street, Bethnal Green. Buried on 3 Jul 1826 at Globe Fields Burial Ground, Mile End Old Town.
  8. Louisa Goodman b. 26 Feb 1827, bap. 18 Mar 1827 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green.
All of the baptisms specify the child's parents as Thomas and Mary and most also specify that Thomas Goodman's occupation was a Carpenter. They clearly moved into London some time between Eliza's baptism in Essex, on 16 Dec 1821 and that of George, in Bethnal Green, on Christmas Day 1822.

In 1841, in Carlisle Street, Bethnal Green, were Thomas Goodman (50), Mary Goodman (51), William Goodman (25) and Louisa Goodman (14). 

It is my belief that the death of Thomas Goodman, age estimated to 59, who died 1847 D Quarter in BETHNAL GREEN Volume 02 Page 25, relates. 

Mary Ann Goodman died, in 1849 in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 02 Page 16.

William Campling and Thomasine Maria Eldred

Wennington Green, Bow
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William Campling married Thomasine Maria Eldred, daughter of John Eldred and Elizabeth Pitts, in the 4th quarter of 1878, at St Thomas's Church, West Ham - the now lost church, had originated that year in Rokeby Street. Well, the transcript of the marriage record lists her, amusingly, as Thomas Ziner M Eldred, but I'm figuring this was not the family's first same-sex marriage!

Thomazine Maria Eldred was the half-sister of Alfred Eldred, step-daughter of Catherine Byatt and thus, also step-sister of Elizabeth Wilton.

There is more than one William Campling born in Bethnal Green around that time and I haven't been able to isolate his birth or identify his parents.

William and Thomasine Maria Campling had six children:
  1. Florence Catherine Campling b. 19 Dec 1879, reg. 1880 M Qtr in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C Page 226
  2. John William Campling b. 1882 J Qtr in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 575. Died, aged 1 in 1883 J Qtr in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C Page 143
  3. John William Campling b. 3 May 1884 in BETHNAL GREEN Vol 01C 234
  4. Frederick Henry Campling b. 24 Dec 1886, reg 1887 M Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B 377
  5. Sidney Edwin Campling b. 1888 S Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B 344. Died  1889 M Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B 241
  6. Sidney Edwin Campling b. 1890 M Qtr in ISLINGTON Vol 01B 382
All the birth registrations have the mother's maiden name as ELDRIDGE, but this has been used before by her half-brother, on the registration of his first daughter and it's the surname their step-mother was listed under in 1881.

In 1881, William Campling (26) Pianoforte porter from Bethnal Green, was living at 4, Wennington Road, Bethnal Green. Thomasine Marie was unaccountably listed as Anne (24), with Florence Campling (1).

In 1891, William Camplin (sic) (36) Piano forte maker (??) was living in Carmarthen Street, Islington with Marie Camplin (32), Florence Camplin (11), John Camplin (6), Frederick Camplin (4) and Sydney Camplin (1).

In 1901, the census lists Thomas (sic) Campling (44) Labourer Starch Works born in Bromley, London in Queen's Road, Plaistow, West Ham with Mary (sic) Campling (43) born in Old Ford, London; Florence Campling (21) Box Maker born in Roman Road, London and Frederick Campling (14) Grocer's Boy born in Islington. Even with so many errors, I'm certain this is the correct family. John Campling (16) Cart Porter born in Old Ford, London, was a Boarder in Forest Gate. While Sidney Campling (11) was an Inmate in a school in Horton Kirby - Home for Little BoysFarningham, Kent.

Thomasine Maria Campling died at 50, in 1908 D Quarter in WEST HAM Volume 04A Page 91. Well, once more the record has mangled her name to Frances Ziner Maria Campling, but there can be no doubt this is her.

In 1911, Florence Campling (31) Card Board Box Maker, was living in South East Ham, West Ham with her youngest brother, Sidney Campling (21) Apprentice Linotype Operator and Thomas Steggles (54) Boarder. Both John William Campling and Frederick Henry Campling had emigrated to the United States. I haven't located William Campling in 1911, nor his death.
  1. Florence Catherine Campling (34) emigrated to the United States, sailing from Liverpool on the RMS Franconia (1910) on 28 April 1914, arriving in Boston, Massachusetts. Florence Campling died on 1 Nov 1918 from Sarcoma of the Liver (Cancer). She was 38. She never married. She was buried, on 3 Nov 1918 in Sutton, Caledonia, Vermont, the permit for her burial having been issued to her brother John.
  2. John William Campling married Edith Florence Sobey Milford (b. 1881 in Crediton, Devon), daughter of William Milford and Edith Mary Sobey, but I cannot find where or when their marriage took place. John and Edith had 3 daughters: Florence Maria b. 1910, Edith Frances b. 1912 and Marion Hazel b. 1914. Edith Milford Campling died on 31 Oct 1914 from Valvular Disease of the Heart. She was buried on 2 Nov 1914, in Sutton, Vermont. The 1950 Census shows that John was a Farmer. John W Campling died, on 15 Jun 1970, in West Burke, Vermont.
  3. Frederick Henry Campling entered the US via Canada. He married Joan Fraser (b. 1872 in England) on 12 Jan 1914 in Sault Ste. Marie, Chippewa, Michigan. Joan Campling died in 1924 and is buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit. Frederick remarried in Delaware, Indiana, on 19 Apr 1925, to Lenora Shuck (b. 21 Feb 1898 in Jennings County, Indiana, USA.) Lenora Campling died on 10 Dec 1926 and is also buried at Woodlawn Cemetery, Detroit. Frederick then remarried for a 3rd time to Chesba Lucille Wheatley, on 27 Jul 1927, in Gibson, Indiana, with whom he had at least four daughters. Frederick Henry Campling died, at 70, on 16 Feb 1957 and is buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Vincennes, Knox County, Indiana, USA. Chesba Campling died on 16 Feb 1981 and is also buried at Memorial Park Cemetery, Vincennes.
  4. Sidney Edwin Campling married Beatrice Fell in the 1st quarter of 1915, in West Ham. In 1916, Sidney Edwin Camplin (sic) (26) enlisted for Military Service in the London Yeomanry. The couple don't appear to have any children. Sidney Edwin Campling died on 22 Jul 1941, in Ilford, Essex. Beatrice Campling remarried, in 1950, to Arthur Leonard Hemming. Beatrice Hemming died, in Romford, in 1960.

George Wilton and Susan Robinson

The 'Blind Beggar', Whitechapel Road
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If one must have a stereotypical image from Bethnal Green.

George Wilton (b. 3 Feb 1860) illegitimate son of Catherine Wilton, married Susan Robinson at St Thomas, Bethnal Green in the 4th quarter of 1884. Undoubtedly, she was the same Susan Robison (sic), Match Maker, born in Bromley, Middlesex, who had been a boarder in George's mother's household in Poplar, in 1881. There was a Susan Robinson born in Bethnal Green, in 1860, which may be her, but further confirmation would be needed.

George and Susan had three daughters:
  1. Catherine Wilton b. 1887 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 632
  2. Elizabeth Wilton b. 1888 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 600
  3. Margaret Wilton b. 1891 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 588
In 1891, living at 6, Tibbatts RoadBromley-by-Bow (Poplar) were George Wilton (29) Carman (as had been his mother's brother, his Uncle John Byatt), with his wife (wrongly) listed as Catherine Wilton (30) from Essex, with Elizabeth Wilton (4) and Catherine Wilton (2), whose ages have been transposed. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that this is the correct family, but with that many mistakes, I'm wondering if they'd been on the sauce.

Then George Wilton died with age estimated as 30, in 1892 S Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 356. I can find no record to explain what happened to Susan, but I think it reasonable to assume she also died.

In 1901, all three girls, Catherine (14), Elizabeth (12) and Margaret (9), were listed as Inmates of Forest Gate District School, which functioned as an industrial school, orphanage or workhouse for children, in West Ham

Sadly, I can find no further records for them beyond that date.

John Frederick Rickman and Ellen Tooze

St James the Less, Bethnal Green
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John Frederick Rickman (b. 1838 in Homerton), son of George and Maria Rickman, married Ellen Tooze (b. 1837), daughter of Thomas Tooze and Mary James, at St James-the-Less, Bethnal Green, in 1858.

In 1861, John Rickman (27) Police Officer and Ellen Rickman (24) Dressmaker, were living in the High Road, Loughton, Essex.

In 1871, John F Rickman (32) Coachman and Ellen Rickman (34) Dressmaker, were Lodgers in Blackheath, Lewisham. The couple don't have children.

Ellen Rickman died, aged 48, in 1885 J Qtr in HACKNEY Vol 01B Page 348.

John Frederick Rickman remarried Lydia Ann Hazell. (bap. 12 Dec 1845 in Brooke, Norfolk), daughter of James Hazell and Emma Yallop, in Ongar, Essex, in 1886. Then John Frederick Rickman died, aged 51, in 1890 D Quarter in HACKNEY Volume 01B Page 413. In 1891, Lydia Ann Rickman (44) Widow, was a Housekeeper, living at 31 St Stephens Square, Norwich, along with her two sons Frederick James Rickman (4) and George Hazell Rickman, who, at just 4 months, was a posthumous child

Lydia Ann Rickman died at 83, in 1929.

William Hockley and Mary Ann Day

The George, E14
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Corner of the former East Ferry Road and Glengall Road, both now renamed Glengall Grove.

William Hockley, born William Crow, son of Eliza Crow, Single Woman, married Mary Ann Day (bap. 21 Jul 1844 at All Saints, Writtle, Chelmsford), daughter of Thomas Day and Rose Knight, in 1865 at St MatthiasBethnal Green, London. The marriage is the first time William had used the surname Hockley. At 19 in 1861, he was still listed as William Crow, but it was finding Mary Ann looking after his brother Daniel's son, that led me to find him. 

William and Mary Ann had twelve children:
  1. Tamar Rose Eliza Hockley b. 1866 S Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 524. Died, aged 15, in 1881 S Quarter in POPLAR
  2. Frederick William Hockley b. 1868 M Quarter in MILE END OLD TOWN Volume 01C Page 624. Died, aged 5, in 1873  J Quarter in POPLAR
  3. Alice Jane Hockley b. 1869 D Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 714
  4. Laura Lucy Hockley b. 1871 D Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C Page 675
  5. Charles John Hockley b. 31 Mar 1873 J Quarter in POPLAR 01C 668
  6. Hannah Elizabeth Hockley b. 1875 M Quarter in POPLAR 01C 746
  7. Edith Caroline Hockley b. 1877 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 756, bap. 25 Feb 1877 at Christ Church Isle Of Dogs, Manchester Road
  8. Ben Albert Hockley b. 1878 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 715. Died 1878 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 504
  9. Maud Day Hockley b. 1879 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 757. Died, aged 1, in 1881 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 526
  10. Daniel Hockley b. 1882 M Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 742
  11. Arthur Hockley b. 27 Oct 1883 D Quarter in POPLAR Volume 01C Page 704, bap. 9 Dec 1883 at Christ Church Isle Of Dogs
  12. William Hockley b. 13 Apr 1886 J Quarter in POPLAR Vol 01C 688
In 1881, William Hockley (37) Labourer and M A Hockley (36) were at 55, Glengall Road, Poplar with Tama (sic) Hockley (14), Alice Hockley (11), Laura Hockley (10), Charles Hockley (8), Hannah Hockley (6) and Edith Hockley (4).

In 1891, at 75, Glengall Road, Poplar, London, we find Mary Ann Hockley (49) with Laura Hockley (19) Domestic servant; Charles John Hockley (18) Dock labourer; Daniel Hockley (10), Arthur Hockley (8), William Hockley (5), Christopher Hockley (2) Nephew - son of William's younger brother, Daniel - and John Parker (21) Dock labourer, Boarder. William is not listed in the household and [so far] I have no explanation for his absence.

In 1901, at 77, Glengall Road, Poplar, were William Hockley (59) General labourer, Mary A Hockley (58), Hannah E Hockley (26) Housemaid, Daniel Hockley (19) General labourer and William Hockley (14).

In 1911, still at 77 Glengall Road, Cubitt Town, Poplar, were William Hockley (68) Boro council pensioner - now we know who he had been labouring for - and Mary Ann Hockley (66). All of the kids had flown the nest.

William and Mary Ann Hockley were still in Poplar in 1921

William Hockley died, aged 82, in 1925 M Quarter in Poplar.

Mary Ann Hockley died in 1926 S Quarter in Poplar, also aged 82.

Dahlia Trevail, Frederick Mackness, Henry Charles Orton

St Mark's Church, North Audley Street, London W1
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Dahlia Trevail, daughter of Joseph Trevail and Jane Rundle, in 1871, was cook, in the household of Thomas William Bramston, Conservative Member for South Essex, at the family estate of Skreens, Roxwell, Chelmsford, Essex. 

Then, in the 3rd quarter of 1876, aged 27, she married Frederick Mackness (bap. 14 Feb 1827), a sawyer, son of George and Susanna Mackness, at St Mark, North Audley Street (St Mark's, Mayfair) - now home to Mercato Mayfair, a cultural hub and sustainable community market. The marriage was short-lived, because in the 4th quarter of that same year, Frederick died, aged 49. 

In 1881, Dahlia Mackness (31), widow, was once again employed as a cook, in the household of Sir William Miller, 1st Baronet in London, at 1, Park Lane. 

Later in the 3rd quarter of 1881, Dahlia Mackness married Henry Charles Orton at St George's, Hanover Square. It was "third time lucky" for Henry, son of Charles Orton and Mary Leach, born in Warwickshire in 1838. Henry had first married Elizabeth Neal on 11 Oct 1863 in Leamington Spa, but Elizabeth died, aged 31, in 1867, in Shipston-on-Stour. That marriage didn't produce any children. Henry then married widow, Ellen Reynolds (née Carpenter), in 1869, in what was then Aston, Warwickshire. Their daughters: Florence Mary Orton, was born in 1870, in Southam; Nellie Rose in Warwick in 1873 and Lizzie in Watford in 1877. Then Ellen Orton died, aged 47, also in Watford, where Henry C Orton (42) Builder's foreman, was living at 6, Church Road, in 1881.

Henry and Dahlia had two children, both born at 6, Church Road, Watford:
  1. Charles Orton born 3 Jul 1882, bap. 24 Sep 1882 at St Andrew's, Watford
  2. Emily Maud Orton born 21 Sep 1884, bap. 2 Nov 1884 at St Andrew's
In 1891, Henry C Orton (52) Carpenter, wife Delia (sic) (42), Florence (21), Charles (8), Maud (6), plus boarders: Samuel Cos (21) and Albert Batchelor (19) were living in London at Worcester Street, St George Hanover Square.

Then Henry Charles Orton died in the 4th quarter of 1892, aged 54.

In 1901, Dahlia Orton (52) widow, was living at 16, Balfern Grove, Chiswick with Charles (18), Emily M (16) and three boarders: Alfred Hooke (22), Thomas Willcox (25) and Albert Clarke (27).

In 1911, Dahlia Orton (62) was living with her daughter Emily Maud and her husband, William Charles Creedon (27) Licenced Victualler at the Builder's Arms8 Wyvil Road, Lambeth. William Charles Creeden and Emily Maud Orton had married, in Brentford, in 1907 and, in 1910, William Charles Creedon had been the landlord of the Oxford Arms, 77 St Peter Street, Bethnal Green. 

Dahlia Orton died in 1925, aged 76, in Brentford.