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Wednesday 27 December 2023

Ernest Richard Eastabrook and Edith Mary Pope

St George's Church in Portsea
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Located almost opposite the entrance to Gunwharf Quays. The church is known as the shipwrights' church having been built by 15 shipwrights from the dockyard in 1753.

Ernest Richard Eastabrook (b. 15 Mar 1886) Engine Room Artificer, then of 42 Union St, Portsea, son of Samuel Ebenezer Derry Eastabrook and Eliza Back, married Edith Mary Pope (b. 30 Sep 1889 on Portsea Island), daughter of Robert William Pope and Mary Georgina Robins, on 27 Dec 1909, at St George's Church, Portsea. Witnesses were both the bride and groom's fathers, Samuel Ebenezer Derry Eastabrook and Robert William Pope.

Ernest and Edith had one son:
  1. Ernest Kenneth Eastabrook b. 17 Jun 1916 S Quarter in PORTSMOUTH Volume 02B Page 625 and baptised at Portsea, St George.
Ernest Richard Eastabrook from Devonport, Devon, born 15 Feb 1886, then 21, had joined the Royal Navy as a Fitter & Turner on 6 Dec 1907. He was then 5 ft 5½ in with brown hair, hazel eyes and a fresh complexion.

In 1911, Edith Mary Eastabrook (21) was living at 13 Butcher Street, Portsea, with her widowed father, Robert William Pope (49) Plumber & Decorator, while her husband was at sea with HMS Liverpool (1909)

From 19 Aug 1915 until 13 Apr 1917, Ernest Richard Eastabrook was assigned to HMS Barham (04), so that on 31 May - 1 Jun 1916, like his elder brother, he took part in the Battle of Jutland. HMS Barham was hit six times during the battle, five times by 30.5 cm shells and once by a 28.3 cm shell, suffering casualties of 26 killed and 46 wounded. Following repairs, HMS Barham was also involved in the Action of 19 August 1916, in which his brother's ship was one of those damaged and subsequently lost.

On 14 Apr 1917, Ernest Richard Eastabrook was promoted to Acting Artificer Engineer and on 6 Aug 1917 to Acting Mate (E).

In 1921, Ernest Richard Eastabrook (35) Engineer Leiutenant RN was living at 95 Shadwell Road, North End, Portsmouth with Edith Mary Eastabrook (31), Ernest Kenneth Eastabrook (5) and they were able to employ Gladys Mildred Saxby (15) General Domestic Servant.

In 1939, Edith Mary Eastabrook was at 12 Padwick Avenue, Portsmouth. She's listed as married, but her husband is not in the household.

Ernest Richard Eastabrook died, aged 87, in 1973, in Hampshire.

Edith Mary Eastabrook of St Mary's House, St Mary's Road, Portsmouth (former workhouse) died, aged 86, on 25 May 1975.

(On 10 Jun 1944, Ernest Kenneth Eastabrook married Agnes May Phimister (Nancy) Mitchell (b. 30 Jul 1921) in LerwickShetland Islands, Scotland. They had two daughters, born in Portsmouth. Ernest Kenneth Eastabrook died, at 77, in 1993 in Market Harborough, Leicestershire. Agnes May Phimister Eastabrook died, aged 83, on 20 Sep 2004, in Dorchester, Dorset.)