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Saturday, 8 May 2021

Thomas Smith and Lucy Thompson

Northampton: St Giles
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Thomas Smith and Lucy Thompson had married, on 26 Feb 1838, at St Giles Church, Northampton. Thomas Smith, Brickmaker, was son of Thomas Smith, Labourer. Lucy Thompson was the daughter of Solomon Thompson, a Carpenter (Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis). Both gave their address at the time as "Butcher's Yard". One of the two witnesses was Catherine Willis.

In 1851, we find them in Foleshill, Warwickshire - literally 'Sent to Coventry', it would seem after Lucy's little stint behind bars. Well, Thomas Smith is listed as James Smith (40) - this could be an error or it might be deliberate - still a Brickmaker and it's clearly Lucy Smith (36), birthplace Cransley, Northamptonshire. Listed with them was Lucy's older brother, Thomas Thompson (40), Carpenter and Ann Smith (9), born in West Haddon. 

I've only found a record of that one child:
  1. Ann Smith born in the 4th quarter of 1841

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