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Sunday, 18 April 2021

Nicholas Jones and Ellen Brennan otherwise White

Glenbrook from the R624 near Carrigalore
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Nicholas Jones, third son of Thomas Jones and Mary Harty and younger brother of David Jones, married Ellen Brennan otherwise White, widow, on 5 Aug 1886, at Christ Church, Church of Ireland, Rushbrooke, Cobh - the church where his brother, David, was Sexton. Nicholas' address at the time of the marriage was given as Rushbrooke and Ellen's as Glenbrook. Witnesses to the marriage were a George Owens and Annie Jones - David and Nicholas' sister. Nicholas' rank or profession is Able Seaman. Records show he was a Merchant Seaman. 

Nicholas had been baptised on 17 May 1853 at the Catholic church of the Sacred Heart, Rath, near Baltimore (Rath And The Islands Parish), Cork. Sponsors were a James Hayes and Ellen Hart (sic) - his mother's sister. 

Meanwhile, Ellen White was born in Epsom, Surrey in 1854. The civil record of her birth gives her mother's maiden name as Smith. And on the record of Ellen's marriage to Nicholas, she gives her father's name as William Henry White, a farmer. But it hasn't been possible to find a relevant marriage of a William White and someone whose surname is Smith in the right timeframe and area. Nor has it been possible to locate Ellen's previous marriage to Mr Brennan.

Nicholas and Ellen had one daughter, Annie Jones. On both the 1901 and 1911 census returns the ages given for Annie, 12 and 22, respectively, calculate to a year of birth of 1889/90. In both cases, it states that she was born in England. Annie's own daughter could never find a birth record for her, so I'm sure I can't and we were forced to conclude that Ellen probably didn't bother to register the birth before leaving England and still didn't once she got back to Ireland.

Lower Glanmire Road, Cork
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In 1901, Ellen Jones (47), wife, and Annie Jones (12), scholar, were living in the Lower Glanmire Road, Cork City. Nicholas is not at home at the time of the census, as he will have been at sea. The 1911 census tells us that he is a Ship's Steward, when Nicholas (57), Ellen (57) and Annie (22), by then a Bookkeeper, were joined by three Boarders: Samuel Donald Dare (42), James Raynane (22), John Foley (25) and Hannah Healy (40), Domestic Servant, Visitor. 

Records of Shipping agreements and crew lists at the National Archives of Ireland suggest that Nicholas served on various vessels, including the following ships: SS Xema departing from Cork in Jun 1891, Dec 1891, Jun 1893, Dec 1893, Jun 1894 and Dec 1894; SS Rotterdam from Dublin in Dec 1896, Lee from Cork in 1898 and Blamey from Cork in Dec 1900.

Nicholas Jones, Sailor, died on 22 Jan 1930, ultimately from cardiac failure. His death was registered in the district of Carrigaline, KinsaleCounty Cork. The record said he was 72, but he will have been 76. 

Ellen Jones, Sailor's Widow, died on 23 Dec 1931, also in Carrigaline. She was 76. Her daughter, Annie King, was present at her death.

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