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Tuesday, 1 June 2021

Pedigree of the Fullers

Many of us know where we are descended from one of George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley's children, so here is a pedigree, showing just those of their direct ancestors I've been able to identify (each indent is a further generation). Click on the links and individual pages lead to other family members, offspring, siblings, etc., where I've researched them. This is a slower process than you could ever imagine, but at the same time, worth mentioning that pages will and do change when I add more research and link people to their relevant pages.

  1. George Fuller and Eliza Ellen Hockley
    1. James William Fuller and Maria Phillips
      1. Robert Fuller and Elizabeth Ann Bradley
        1. Robert Fuller and Elizabeth Bass
        2. Henry Bradley and Mary Thompson
          1. Thomas Bradley and Sarah Garton
      2. Isaac Phillips and Caroline Elizabeth Taylor
        1. Joseph Phillips and Ann Clarke
    2. James Hockley and Elizabeth Wilton
      1. George Hockley and Eliza Crow
        1. Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason
        2. William Crow and Judith Doe
          1. Henry Doe and Elizabeth Stones
            1. John Doe and Jane Brand
      2. Richard Wilton and Catherine Byatt
        1. Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin
          1. Richard Wilton and Mary Robinson
            1. Henry Wilton and Martha Douse
              1. Henry and Elizabeth Wilton
        2. John Byatt and Jane Stokes
          1. John Byatt and Sarah Pewter
          2. Robert Stokes and Susanna Judd
            1. Robert and Prudence Stokes
            2. John and Susanna Judd

Wednesday, 19 May 2021

George Hockley and Eliza Crow and William Bloomfield

St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, Essex - Chancel
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © John Salmon -

George Hockley, son of Daniel Hockley and Sophia Mason, married Eliza Crow, daughter of William Crow and Judith Doe on 6 Nov 1843 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow. The record of the marriage shows that George, as well as both fathers' were labourers and witnesses were John and Jane Burton.

George and Eliza's children included: 

  1. William Crow bap. 17 Nov 1842 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow [1]
  2. Tamer (sic) Hockley born 1844 (Tamar as a female given name) [2]
  3. Daniel Hockley born 1845, bap. 12 May 1850 [3]
  4. Elizabeth Hockley born 1847, bap. 9 Aug 1857 
  5. James Hockley born 24 Apr 1849, bap. 10 Jun 1849
  6. Emma Hockley born 1851, bap 13 Apr 1851
  7. Lucy Hockley born 1852, bap. 8 Aug 1852
  8. Charles Hockley born 1854, bap. 9 Jul 1854
  9. Alice Hockley born 1855, bap. 11 Nov 1855
  10. Sarah Ann Hockley born 1857, bap. 9 Aug 1857
[1] William son of Eliza Crow, Single Woman was baptised at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow on 17 Nov 1842. Her address at the time was given as "Dunmow Union House", i.e. the workhouse. William was reputedly born in 1840, but his age on the 1861 census suggests he was born in 1842 also. He appears not to have been George Hockley's son in that he doesn't take his surname. (There was a record of a death of a William Crow (29) in Romford, in 1871 - which would put his birth in 1842 too - and buried on 20 Dec 1871 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Warley. It's possible that this was him.)

[2] Tamer's birth is listed at the GRO with the mother's maiden name as Crow, but there are no further mentions of her, nor baptism, nor record of a death. 

[3] The only Daniel Hockley registered in Dunmow in 1845 has the mother's maiden name listed at the GRO as "Cross". This could be an error.

George Hockley, Agricultural Labourer, died on 12 Jul 1857, aged just 42, at Halfway House, from the all-too-common cause, Phthisis (Tuberculosis (TB)) and was buried on 17 Jul 1857, in Great Dunmow.

In 1861, we find widow, Eliza Hockley (40), still living at Halfway House, Great Dunmow with sons, William Crow (19) and Daniel Hockley (14), both Agricultural Labourers, seemingly supporting their mother and their younger siblings: Elizabeth Hockley (12), James Hockley (10), Emma Hockley (8), Lucy Hockley (7), Charles Hockley (6), Alice Hockley (5) and Sarah (3). 

In 1871, at High Street, Park Corner, Great Dunmow, there are Eliza Hockley (39) - erm, nope, she was 50 - Charwoman, with Charles Hockley (16) Farm Lab and Sarah Hockley (12) Domestic Servant.

On 20 Apr 1872, Eliza Hockley, daughter of William Crow, Labourer, married William Bloomfield, widower, son of Robert Bloomfield, in Felsted

In 1881, William Bloomfield (62) Blacksmith, born in Dunwich, Suffolk, and Eliza Bloomfield (55), are living at Cottage Farm, Banister Green, Felstead.

In 1891, William (73) and Eliza Bloomfield (64) are at Cock Green, Felstead. 

William Bloomfield died, aged 76, in 1893. 

In 1901, Eliza Bloomfield (it claims 75) widow living on children, was in the Village, Felsted. Eliza Bloomfield died in 1906. She will have been 86.

William Crow and Judith Doe

St Mary's, Great Canfield, Essex

William Crow married Judith Doe, daughter of Henry Doe and Elizabeth Stones, on 17 Mar 1814 in Great Canfield. Of that much, I'm sure. I think. Otherwise, this family is causing me the most trouble I've had with any of them so far.

There are, confusingly, several people in the area called William Crow, born around 1791, as our William Crow was. One of the others was born in Little Waltham, in 1791, who I can trace, later appearing in other places, so I know that one is definitely not our man. Unfortunately, on some websites online, the distinction has not been spotted and the two clearly conflated. Likewise with children: There is at least one other marriage of a William Crow and a Judith. In the other case, the wife's maiden name is Hay. However, I've found no less than 17 children attached to William Crow and Judith Doe in one location and detached one because the mother's name was clearly given as Judith Hay. Most, however, just list her as Judith, so it's not proving easy to separate them. 

Here are the ones I am pretty confident about: 
  1. Elizabeth Crow bap. 7 Aug 1814 in Great Dunmow
  2. William Crow bap. 24 Dec 1816 in Great Canfield
  3. Henry Crow bap. 6 Apr 1817 in Great Canfield
  4. Charlotte Crow bap. 25 Apr 1819 in Great Dunmow
  5. Eliza Crowe (sic) bap. 18 Jun 1820 in Great Dunmow
  6. Stephen Crow born 1837 (see 1861 census below)
Haven't been able to find them in 1841 and the 1851 Census returns for both Great and Little Dunmow are missing.

In 1861, we find William Crow (70) Agricultural Labourer, wife Judith (69) and son Stephen Crow (24) Agricultural Labourer living at Philpot End, Great Dunmow. The location is consistent with where we know these families were living and, equidistant to the churches at Great Canfield or Great Dunmow. 

There are other children who could fit into that gap between 1820 and 1837, but I cannot actually link any of them with any confidence until I can identify more precise locations of births or baptisms. The other thought that crosses my mind with 1837 being so late, is that Stephen could be a 'mid life surprise' or equally a daughter's son, being brought up as the grandparent's offspring to hide an illegitimacy, although that doesn't seem to have bothered people half as much as our modern sensibilities imagine it did, even in Victorian times. 

It appears this William Crow died in the last quarter of 1861, in Great Dunmow.

Judith Crow died and was buried on 20 Feb 1868 in Great Dunmow.

These pages are notes on work in progress, so please expect additions and changes as further research is done. You may like to use Follow That Page to monitor changes.