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Friday 29 March 2024

Arthur Stephen Day and Mary Ann Ray

High Street, Chipping Ongar
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Arthur Stephen Day (b. 1855), son of John Day and Ellen Wilton, married Mary Ann Ray (bap. 14 Apr 1854), daughter of William Ray and Rhoda Ward, on 29 Mar 1879 at the church of St Martin of Tours, Chipping Ongar.

This couple had three children.
  1. Arthur Wilton Day b. 29 Dec 1879, bap. 22 Feb 1880
  2. Daisy Rhoda Day b. 10 Feb 1881, bap. 8 Apr 1881
  3. Cecil Alfred Day b. 20 Nov 1886, bap. 23 Jan 1887
All of the baptisms took place at St Martin's Church, Chipping Ongar.

In 1881, Arthur S Day (27) was employed as a Grocer's Assistant in High Street, Chipping-Ongar, Essex with wife Mary Ann (27), Arthur (1) and Daisy (0), and Elizabeth E North (11), niece, staying with them as a visitor.

In 1891, Arthur Day (37) was a Fruiterer's Assistant, still in High Street, Chipping Ongar, with wife Mary Ann Day, son Arthur Day (11), Daisy Day (10), Cecil Day (4) and James Keys (68), Shoemaker, boarder.

In 1901, in High Street, Chipping Ongar, were Arthur Day (46), Mary Ann Day (45) and Cecil Day (14). Arthur's occupation was given as Photographer. Back in 1871, aged 15, Arthur Stephen Day was listed as a Photographic Artist, so he has gone full circle, presumably now able to make his living from something he loved. (Arthur and Daisy had both married in 1900, in Wandsworth.)

In 1911, Arthur Day (57), wife is listed as Marion Day (57) and staying with them were their grandsons: Archibald Wilton Napoleon Heckman (10) and Cecil Arthur Heckman (7) - Daisy's children.

In 1921, Arthur Day (67) was still in the High Street, Chipping Ongar, working for himself as a Photographer, with Mary Ann Day (67).

Mary Ann Day died in 1931, aged 78.

Arthur Stephen Day died in 1943, aged 89.