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Friday 11 August 2023

John Harvey and Esther Glede

Georgian Town Houses on Arbour Square, Stepney Casualguy, Public domain

John Harvey married Esther Glede, daughter of Morris Glede and Sarah Thorn, on 11 Aug 1849, at the church of St ThomasStepney, which had stood in Arbour Square: "a neat edifice of Suffolk brick, in the early English style, with two octangular turrets that was erected in 1837." It closed in 1940

The record of the marriage lists the bride's father as Morris Glede, the bridegroom's father as John Harvey and all three with the occupation of Labourer. John and Esther are listed as bachelor and spinster, respectively and the record states that they were "of full age". Esther would have been 20, John 38. Witnesses were Eleanor Hooper and John P Hughlings. 

John and Esther already had three children and added several more:
  1. Sarah Harvey b. c. 1843 in Essex
  2. Susannah Harvey, b. 15 Oct 1845 at 174 Eastfield Street, Limehouse (Mother's maiden surname on the civil registration written as Glead)
  3. Mary Ann Harvey b. 1848 (Mother's maiden surname Gleed)
  4. John Harvey b. 1850 (Mother's maiden surname Gleed)
  5. Morris Harvey b. 1853 (Mother's maiden surname Gleed)
  6. Esther Harvey b. 1855 (Mother's maiden surname Gleed)
  7. Job Harvey b. 5 Oct 1859, bap. 14 Dec 1859 at St Dunstan and All Saints, Stepney (died in the 4th quarter of 1859)
  8. Job Harvey b. 6 Nov 1860, bap. 9 Jan 1861 at St Dunstan and All Saints
  9. Lydia Harvey bap. 14 Apr 1864 at St John the Evangelist, Limehouse
In 1851, living in Fair Place, Stepney, were John Harvey (40), Labourer, born in Chingford, Essex c. 1811, wife Esther (32), Sarah (8), born in Essex, Susannah (5), Mary Ann (3), both born in Limehouse and John (0), born in Stepney. Esther was actually 22 then. I'm confident this is the right household, but what I think is going on here is that her age has been 'rounded up' to hide how young she was - 16 at the time Susannah was born. Was Sarah Harvey, born 1843, in Essex, actually Esther's child? I'm not entirely convinced, but have been unable to identify any relevant birth to confirm. 

Unable to find them in 1861, John Harvey died in 1866, aged 56.

In 1871, Esther Harvey (47), Trouser Finisher, was living back in Eastfield Street, Limehouse, with son John (21), Bricklayer's Labourer, Morris (19), Dock Labourer, Esther (16), Trouser Finisher, Job (12), Scholar, and Lydia (8).

There is a potential death for Esther Harvey, aged 76, in 1899.