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Wednesday, 21 April 2021

John Benbow Gabbedy and Isabella Cleghorn

St Bride, Fleet Street, London EC4 - East end
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John Benbow Gabbedy, son of John Gabbdey and Elizabeth Travally, married Isabella Cleghorn, daughter of Anthony Cleghorn and Margaret Jane Murray on 28 Apr 1795 at St Bride's ChurchFleet Street - the church with the famous "wedding cake" spire, designed by Sir Christopher Wren

Quite what any of my Eastenders were doing "up west", I have no idea.

John and Isabella had at least five children:
  1. William Anthony Gabbedey b. 1796, bap. at St Dunstan's, Stepney
  2. John Cleghorn Gabbedey b. 1798, bap. at St Mary Magdalene Woolwich
  3. Charles Gabbedey b. 1803, bap. 1812 at St Dunstan's, Stepney
  4. Henry Ralph Gabady (sic) b. 1807, bap. 1808 at St Dunstan's, Stepney
  5. Anne Elizabeth Gabbaday, b. 23 Feb 1811, bap. at St Anne's Limehouse on 14 Apr 1811

In 1807, John Benbow Gabbedy's occupation, like his father's, is listed as Shipwright. By 1811, he's listed as a Mariner, living in Gill Street, Limehouse. It seems a strange career change at any time, when he already had a skill and the more so as he'll have already been 40 years old. There has to be a story behind this, but no obvious record to look for or means of uncovering it.

John Benbow Gabbedy's second name is his grandmother's, Elizabeth Benbow, maiden name. Could she have been related to Admiral John Benbow?

Sadly, I've found no further records for either John or Isabella.

St Anne, Limehouse - Interior
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