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Joseph Edward Tipping and Grace Hannah Tubb

Ann Hathaway's Cottage, Shottery, Warwickshire
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Joseph Edward Tipping (b. 4 May 1856 in Tardebigge, Worcestershire, bap. 22 Jun 1856 in Redditch), widower, son of Henry Tipping and Elizabeth Tarplee, married Grace Hannah Tubbdaughter of Edward Tubb and Sarah Elizabeth Joy, in Stratford-upon-Avon, Warwickshire, on 22 Nov 1900

In 1861, Joseph (4) son of Henry Tipping (48) Farmer of 148 Acres at Upper Bentley, Bromsgrove; in 1871, at 14, he was a pupil boarder at Birch Abbey Lane Boys School, Alcester, Warwickshire and in 1881, while his father had upgraded to 230 acres at Banks Green Farm, Webheath, Bromsgrove; Joseph (25) was Farm Bailiff at Berrow Green Farm, Martley, Worcestershire.

Joseph's previous marriage, on 20 Oct 1884, at All Saints Church in the parish of Weston-on-Avon, then in Gloucestershire, was to Mary Ellen Wareing (b. 10 Aug 1857 in Fringford, Oxfordshire), with whom he had several children: 

  1. Martha Elizabeth Tipping b. 1885 S Quarter in ALCESTER Vol 06D Page 624, bap. 4 Oct 1885 at St. Mary and All Saints, Haselor, died at the age of 5 months in 1886 M Quarter in ALCESTER Vol 06D Page 442 and buried on 25 Jan 1886 in Haselor
  2. Elise Ellen Tipping b. 1887 S Quarter in ALCESTER Volume 06D Page 615, bap. 11 Sep 1887 at St. Mary and All Saints, Haselor.
  3. Edward John Henry Tipping b. 1889 J Quarter in ALCESTER Vol 06D Page 657, bap. 4 Apr 1889 at St. Mary and All Saints, Haselor, died at 4 months in 1889 S Quarter in ALCESTER Vol 06D Page 372 and buried on 10 Aug 1889 in Haselor.
  4. Winifred Agnes Tipping b. 1890 S Quarter in ALCESTER Volume 06D Page 628, bap. 16 Jul 1890 at St. Mary and All Saints, Haselor.
In 1891, Joseph E Tipping (34) Farmer was living at Rolls Wood, Water Lane, Haselor, Alcester, Warwickshire with wife Mary E (33), Elise E (4), Winifred (0), Gertrude M Tipping (7) Niece and Charles Shirley (14) Farm Servant.

Then Mary Ellen Tipping died, aged 38, on 13 Apr 1896, and was buried on 17 Apr 1896, in Haselor.

Grace Hannah Tipping became step-mother to Joseph's two surviving daughters and the couple went on to add five further children: 
  1. Reginald Henry Tipping b. 6 Mar 1901 (Volume 06D Page 691)
  2. Ernest Edward Joy Tipping b. 30 Nov 1902 (Volume 06D Page 703)
  3. Marjorie Tipping b. 28 Sep 1904 (Volume 06D Page 679)
  4. William Tarplee Tipping b. 18 Nov 1907 (Volume 06D Page 676)
  5. Herbert Roy Tipping b. 13 Jan 1910 (Volume 06D Page 679)
In 1901, living at Miles Bush, Old Stratford and Drayton, Stratford on Avon, were Joseph E Tipping (44) Labourer on farm with Grace H Tipping (29), Elise E Tipping (13), Winifred A Tipping (10) and Reginald H Tipping (0).

In 1911, still at Miles Bush, Alcester Road, Stratford-on-Avon, were Joseph Edward Tipping (55) Castrator and general labourer; Grace Hannah Tipping (37), Reginald Henry Tipping (10), Ernest Edward Joy Tipping (8), Marjorie Tipping (6), William Tarplee Tipping (3) and Herbert Roy Tipping (1).

In 1921, Joseph Edward Tipping (65) Gardening 'Own Account' was still living at Miles Bush, Stratford on Avon, Old Stratford & Drayton, Warwickshire with Grace Hannah Tipping (46), Reginald Henry Tipping (20) Saddler & Harness Maker; Ernest Edward Joy Tipping (18) Boot repairer; Marjorie Tipping (16) Mother's help; William Tarplee Tipping (13) and Herbert Roy Tipping (11).

Grace Hannah Tipping died, aged 56, on 15 Aug 1928, in Stratford-on-Avon.

In 1939, Joseph E Tipping, Market Gardener, widower, was living with his son Edward E (Ernest), at 40 Shottery Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon.

Joseph E Tipping died, aged 84, in 1941, in Stratford-on-Avon.

Thus far, I've found no further records for Elise Ellen Tipping, Joseph's eldest daughter from his first marriage after the 1901 census. Winifred Agnes Tipping (20), in 1911, was employed by widow, Mary Louisa Flower (47) as a General domestic servant at Woodville, Gordon Road, Camberley, Frimley, Surrey. As yet I can find, neither marriages, nor deaths for either girl. 
  1. Reginald H Tipping married Marjorie Robinson (b. 11 Jun 1905), in Warwick, in 1932. In 1939, Marjorie Tipping, married, was living with her parents, Henry and Rosina Robinson, at Brook Cottage Barford Hill, Barford, Warwick. Not located Reginald in 1939. Reginald H Tipping died, in Warwickshire, in 1985. Marjorie Tipping died in Nov 1992. 
  2. Ernest E J Tipping married Gladys Maud Dyde (b. 18 May 1908), in Stratford-on-Avon, in 1930. In 1939, listed as Edward E and Gladys M Tipping, were living at 40 Shottery Road, Stratford-Upon-Avon. Gladys M Tipping died in 1989. Ernest Edward J Tipping died, in 2003, at 100.
  3. Marjorie Tipping married Charles Henry Cooke (b. 18 Jul 1903), in Shottery, Warwickshire, in 1929. In 1939, they were living at 35 Justins Avenue, Stratford-Upon-Avon. Charles Henry Cooke died on 10 Sep 1977 in Long Itchington, Warwickshire. Marjorie Cooke died in 1990.
  4. William T Tipping married Grace Agnes Kathleen Worrall (b. 16 Oct 1909), in Stratford-on-Avon, in 1931. In 1939, they lived at 11 College Street, Stratford-Upon-Avon. William Tarplee Tipping died, in Stratford on Avon, in 1969. Grace Agnes K Tipping died in 2002.
  5. Herbert R Tipping married Agnes Mary Bullingham (b. 16 Jan 1913) on 6 June 1936, in Shottery, Warwickshire. In 1939, they were living at 4 Church Road, Shottery, Stratford-Upon-Avon. (Shottery is most famous for Anne Hathaway's Cottage.) Herbert Roy Tipping died, in Stratford on Avon, in 1981. Agnes Mary Tipping died on 24 Jun 2001.

George Thompson and Diana Shatford

Broughton church, dedicated to St Andrew
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George Thompson (bap. 15 Apr 1836), eldest son of Daniel Thompson and Mary Adcock, married Diana Shatford, daughter of John Shatford and Mary Chapman, on 6 Aug 1862 at Broughton church. Diana's father was a Victualler And Farmer of High Street, Broughton (he held the large 18th century pubThe Red Lionon the corner of High Street and Church Street).  

At 14, in 1851, George Thompson was already employed as a carpenter in his father's business in Cransley Street, Broughton. After his father's death in 1854, he took over the business and, in 1861, was employing 2 men and 1 boy, having moved to 9, Mount Pleasant, Broughton. Staying with him in 1861 was his widowed mother, Mary Thompson (née Adcock), his brother Dan (12), sister Sarah Elizabeth Botterill and her sons Daniel (4) and Benjamin (0).

After they married in 1862, George and Diana had five children: 

  1. Mary Elizabeth Thompson b. 1863 M Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 182, bap. 1 Mar 1863 at Broughton church.
  2. John Daniel Thompson b. 1865 S Qtr in KETTERING Vol 03B Page 168
  3. Diana Shatford Thompson b. 1867 D Qtr in KETTERING Vol 03B 159
  4. Francis George Thompson b. 1870 J Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 177. Died 1870 S Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 137
  5. Charles Francis Thompson b. 1871 S Qtr in KETTERING Vol 03B Page 170, bap. 30 Jul 1871. Died 1873 M Qtr in KETTERING Vol 03B Page 125, aged 19 m, buried on 11 Feb 1873 at St Andrew, Broughton.
In 1871, George Thompson (34), carpenter, was in Broughton with Diana Thompson (30), Mary Eliza Thompson (8), John D Thompson (5), Diana S Thompson (3) and apprentice, Samuel Draper (15). 

George Thompson died, aged 37, in 1873 S Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 91 and was buried at St Andrew's Church, Broughton. 

Diana Thompson then remarried to Thomas Skellham (bap. 4 Dec 1842 in Pytchley, Northamptonshire), son of William Skellom (sic) and Mary Streather in Q3 1875, also at St Andrew's Church, Broughton.

Thomas and Diana went on to have three further children:
  1. Joseph Thomas Skellham b. 1876 J Quarter in KETTERING Volume 03B Page 189. bap. 30 Apr 1876 in Broughton
  2. Amy Isabella Skellham b. 1879 M Qtr in KETTERING Vol 03B 193
  3. Clara Eliza Skelham (sic) b. 1881 D Qtr in KETTERING Vol 03B 191
In 1881, Thomas Skellham (38) Carrier, Diana Skellham (40), John D Thompson (15) Wife's son; Joseph T Skellham (5), Amy I Skellham (2) and Edward S Brown (22) Boarder were living at 5, Tilleys Hill, Broughton. Diana Thompson (13) was living with her grandmother, Mary Shatford (64) Innkeeper, at the Red Lion Inn, 69, High Street, Broughton.

In 1891, Thomas Skellham (48) Publican was living in Main Street, Broughton - presumably the Red Lion - with Diana Skellham (50), Joseph T Skellham (16), Amy I Skellham (12) and Clara E Skellham (9). Diana Tompson (23) was a Hotel Barmaid for Alice Slight (39) in Sheep Street, Kettering.

In 1901, Thomas Skellham (58) Market Gardener was living in Mill Road, Kettering with Diana Skellham (60), Amy Skellham (22), Clara Skellham (19) and Francis Bates (25) Boarder.

In 1911, still in Kettering, were Thomas Skellham (68) Garden Labourer, Diana Skellham (70) and Amy Skellham (32).

Thomas Skellham died, at 76, in 1919 J Quarter in WELLINGBOROUGH and he was buried in Plot E582 at Newton Road Cemetery, Rushden.

Diana Skellham died, aged 89, in 1930 S Qtr in KETTERING Vol 03B 151.

William Naseby and Eliza Thompson

St. Andrew's Church, Cransley
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Eliza Naseby (née Thompson)
Reproduced from the
“Our Warwickshire” website

© Rugby Library
Reference: T, B NAS, img: 7688
My 3x great-grand aunt, Eliza Thompson, daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, married William Naseby between April and June 1841 at her parish church of St Andrew's, Cransley, Northamptonshire. William Naseby, born in West Haddon, bap. 16 Apr 1815, was the son of William and Ann Naseby. 

They had a baker's dozen of children with Emma, William and Clara born in West Haddon and the rest born in Rugby: 

  1. Emma Naseby born 1842
  2. William Naseby born 1844
  3. Clara Ann Naseby born 1846
  4. James Naseby born 1848
    (died 1849, aged 1)
  5. Martha Naseby born 1850, bap. 2 Sep 1853 at Saint Andrew, Rugby
  6. Eliza Naseby born 1851, bap. 5 Dec 1851 at St Matthew's Church, Rugby
  7. Kate Ruth Naseby born 1853, bap 2 Sep 1853 at Saint Andrew, Rugby
  8. Maria Naseby born 1855 (died aged 2 days, buried 19 Oct 1855)
  9. Edith Naseby born 1857, bap. 9 Jun 1857 at Saint Andrew, Rugby (died 1859, aged 1)
  10. Owen William Thompson Naseby born 1859, bap. 3 May 1859 at Saint Andrew, Rugby, (died 1859 aged 0 and buried on 14 May 1859)
  11. Naomi Naseby born 1860
  12. Amy Maria Naseby born 1862
  13. Rebecca Naseby born 1865, bap. 9 Jan 1865 at Saint Andrew, Rugby

In 1841, newlyweds, William (20) and Eliza (17) were living in West Haddon. At least two of Eliza's sisters already lived in West Haddon, including Mary, wife of Stephen Botterill, then of The Bell Inn and the infamous Lucy Smith.

By 1851, William and Eliza had moved to Rugby, Warwickshire, with William (31) Ag Lab; Eliza (25); Emma (9), Clara A (5) and Martha (1).

In 1861, we find William Naseby (46) Fruiterer; with Eliza (37); Emma (18) and Martha (11), Eliza (9) and Kate (9) Scholars and Naomi (1). Clara A Naseby (15) was a pupil, boarding at an industrial school in Rugby under the care of matron, Mary Potton (50) widow. It says a lot about their thinking, as well as their standard of living, I think, that they felt the girls were worth educating.

In 1871, William Naseby (55) Gardener; Eliza (49); Eliza (19); Naomi (10); Amy M (8) and Rebecca (6). Visiting was Eliza's brother, William Thompson (47). 

In 1881, in Hillmorton Road, Rugby, there are just William Naseby (65) Market Gardener; Eliza (60) and John Brand (16) Garden Labourer.

In 1891, William Naseby (75) Market Gardener; Eliza (67) and her brother, William Thompson (64) listed as a Gardener Domestic Servant.

In 1901, William Naseby (85) Market Gardener and Eliza (77).

William Naseby
Reproduced from the
“Our Warwickshire” website

© Rugby Library
Reference: T, B NAS, img: 7687
From Our Warwickshire:

"William Naseby, green-grocer and market gardener, born in West Haddon in 1818 (sic), lived with his wife at Naseby Cottage, Hillmorton Road 1854-1905. Worked a large market garden on land developed by the Land Society, which became known as the "Naseby Estate". Lived for three years in a Lawrence Sheriff Almshouse prior to his death at 91 in 1907."

William Naseby died in Rugby in 1907, he was indeed 91. Eliza Naseby (née Thompson) died the following year, in 1908, aged 84.   

Post card of Lawrence Sheriff Almshouses in Church St Rugby ca. 1900s
Reproduced from the “Our Warwickshire” website under Creative Commons Licence CC BY NC
© Warwickshire County Record office: PH352/152/128