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Tuesday 12 September 2023

Jeremiah Woodbery and Ann Brice

Burlescombe Church
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Jeremiah Woodbery (bap. 23 Dec 1715 in Burlescombe), son of Johanis [John] Woodbury and Gratia [Grace] Stanbury, married Anne Brice (bap. 10 Oct 1718 in Holcombe Rogus), daughter of John and Dorothy Brice, on 12 Sep 1737, at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus.

Jeremiah and Anne had at least these six children:
  1. Johannes [John] Woodbery bap. 24 Feb 1739 in Burlescombe [1]
  2. Betty Woodbery bap. 2 May 1742 in Holcombe Rogus
  3. Dorothy Woodbery bap. 11 Apr 1746 in Holcombe Rogus
  4. Grace Woodbery bap. 9 Dec 1753 in Holcombe Rogus [2]
  5. Mary Woodbery bap. 16 Dec 1757 in Holcombe Rogus
  6. Thomas Woodbery bap. 6 Sep 1762 in Holcombe Rogus
There is also a Jeremiah Woodbury b. 1744-1745 attributed to this couple, but I've not seen a baptism record to confirm that this is their child.

As we can see, they were still writing the records in Latin in Burlescombe.

Anne Woodbury died at 47 and was buried in Holcombe Rogus on 22 Nov 1765. Jeremiah Woodberry (80) was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1795.
  1. John Woodbery married Elizabeth Webber in Holcombe Rogus on 25 Jun 1759. Elizabeth Woodbury died in 1783 and John Woodbery in 1807.
  2. It appears Grace Woodberry (sic) married William Cotterell of Bampton, Widower, in Burlescombe, on 9 May 1779.

Thursday 8 June 2023

Thomas Tooze and Dorothy Woodbery

Holcombe Rogus : All Saints Church
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Thomas Tooze (b. 1735) married Dorothy Woodbery (b. 1746), daughter of Jeremiah Woodbery and Ann Brice, at All Saints Church, Holcombe Rogus on 8 Jun 1767. Both were 'of the parish'. It looks as if Thomas Tooze was able to sign his own name, while Dorothy made her mark. Witnesses were Sarah Webber and John Hurly. Thomas' baptism record is not available.

Records exist for six children of this couple:
  1. Sarah Tooze bap. 5 Apr 1768 in Holcombe Rogus. Died as an infant and was buried on 5 Aug 1771, also in Holcombe Rogus.
  2. Mary Tooze bap. 15 Oct 1769 in Holcombe Rogus. Appears to have died at 32, and was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1802.
  3. Sarah Tooze bap. 12 Jul 1772 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  4. Thomas Tooze bap. 23 Mar 1776 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  5. George Tooze bap. 15 Jun 1778 in Holcombe Rogus. 
  6. Elizabeth Tooze bap. 4 Feb 1780 in Holcombe Rogus. Died as an infant and was buried on 17 Apr 1784, again in Holcombe Rogus.
Thomas Tooze was buried in Holcombe Rogus in 1818 and Dorothy in 1820.