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Sunday 29 October 2023

Richard Bennett and Mary Richards

Morchard Bishop : St Mary the Virgin Church (Interior)
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Richard Bennett (bap. 24 May 1790 in Morchard Bishop), son of Richard Bennet (sic) and Betty Hammet, married Mary Richards (bap. 17 Apr 1786 in Morchard Bishop), daughter of Peter Richards and Ann Cann, at the church of St Mary the Virgin, Morchard Bishop (the bells) on 29 Oct 1810.

Richard and Mary Bennett had eight children baptised in Morchard Bishop:
  1. Mary Bennett bap. 24 Mar 1811
  2. William Bennett bap. 4 Apr 1813 (residence Heathfield Moor)
  3. Richard Bennett bap. 15 Oct 1815, their residence listed as Spire Lake
  4. Ann Bennett bap. 29 Jun 1817 (residence listed as Spire Lake)
  5. John Bennett bap. 21 May 1820 (residence Sharland)
  6. Jane Bennett bap. 22 Dec 1822 (residence Lower Town)
  7. Sarah Bennett bap. 6 Aug 1826 (residence New House)
  8. George Bennett bap. 15 Mar 1829 (residence Heathfield Moor)
In 1841, Richard Bennett (50) was living in Lower Town, Morchard Bishop, Crediton, Devon with Mary Bennett (55), John Bennett (20), Jane Bennett (16) and George Bennett (12). Mary Bennett had married in 1834; William Bennet had married in 1835; Richard Bennett had married in 1839; was unable to locate Ann Bennett; Sarah Bennett (14) appears to have been out working - original census is hard to read, but appears to be at Town Barton, with numerous other youngsters, undoubtedly all parish 'apprentices'.

Richard Bennett died in 1844 D Qtr in CREDITON UNION Vol 10 Page 63. 

In 1851, Mary Bennett (69) Widow, Mother, Pauper hand loom weaver (serge) was living at Courtlage, Morchard Bishop, Crediton, Devon in the household of her eldest son, William Bennett.

Mary Bennett died in 1852 S Quarter in CREDITON Vol 05B Page 244.

Their daughter, Jane Bennett, never married but had four children:
  1. Robert Bennett b. 1842 J Quarter in CREDITON UNION Volume 10 Page 79, bap. 15 May 1842 in Morchard Bishop, clearly stating he was the son of Jane Bennett of Lower Town, Single Woman. Died aged 4 in 1846 M Quarter in CREDITON UNION Volume 10 Page 59.
  2. Sarah Bennett b. 16 Jun 1845 in Crediton Workhouse (1845 J Quarter in CREDITON UNION Volume 10 Page 79) Her birth was registered by a Mr Leach, Master of the Workhouse, Crediton, on 20 Jun 1845.
  3. Mary Jane Bennett b. 1853 D Qtr in CREDITON Vol 05B Page 369
  4. Ellen Bennett b. 1858 S Quarter in CREDITON Vol 05B Page 357
In 1851, Jane Bennett (26) was a visitor in the household of her sister, Sarah Sharland, at Pitt Farm, Puddington, Crediton, while Sarah Bennett (6) was living with Jane's brother, William, at Courtlage, Morchard Bishop.

In 1861, Jane Bennett (34ish) Servant, was an Inmate at Crediton Union Workhouse, Bramble Lane, Crediton, Devon, along with Mary J Bennett (7) and Ellen Bennett (2). Sarah Bennett (17) was House Servant to William Davy, Farmer and Miller at Stone Mill, Leverton Road, Chawleigh.

In 1871, Jane Bennett, Servant, was again an Inmate at Crediton Union Workhouse. Her age was listed as 56, clearly 10 years too many. Mary J Bennett (17) was a Dairymaid at Furze, Cruwys Morchard, Tiverton.

Jane Bennett died, aged estimated to 59, in 1880 M Quarter in CREDITON Volume 05B Page 354 and was buried on 25 Mar 1880, in Crediton.