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Thursday, 9 March 2023

William Tidborough, Jane Manley and Mary Hawkins

Taunton: former County Gaol
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William Tidborough, son of John Tidborough and Elizabeth Summers, married Jane Manley in the first quarter of 1852, in Wells, Somerset.

William and Jane had two children:
  1. Sarah Tidberough (sic) b. 1852 D Quarter in WELLS Volume 05C Page 565, bap. 2 Jan 1853 at St Cuthbert, Wells, Somerset. Died in 1855 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 341.
  2. John Tidberough (sic) b. 1854 D Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 380. Died in 1855 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 340.
Jane Tidberough (sic) also died, aged 27, in 1855 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 339; wife and both children dying in the same year.

William Tidborough, widower (26) then remarried to Mary Hawkins (27), daughter of Robert Hawkins and Ann Shewbrooks, it appears in Wincanton, on 16 Feb 1856. Witnesses were Robert Hawkins and Elizabeth Day.

William had two further children with Mary:
  1. Anne Tidborough b. 1856 D Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 393. Died aged 14, in 1871 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 291 and was buried on 19 Jan 1871, at St Mary Magdalene.
  2. Elizabeth Tidberough (sic) b. 1858 S Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 411, bap 12 Sep 1858 at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton. Died in 1860 J Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 291. The infant was buried on 6 Apr 1860, at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton.
Sarah's and Elizabeth's baptisms list their father's occupation as Miller.

William Tidberough (sic) died, aged 30, in 1860 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 323 and was buried on 25 Mar 1860, in Wilton, Somerset.

In 1861, Mary Tidborough (32) Widow, was an Assistant Matron of County Gaol (Wilton (Taunton) County Gaol and House of Correction). Annie Tidborough (4) was living in the household of James Northalt (64) Beer House Keeper at the Shuttern County Inn, Taunton, described as Niece.

Mary Tidborough, Widow, married Henry Sully, Widower. Well, the records of the Banns of the marriage list her as Mary Tidborough, Widow, however, the record of the marriage itself, which took place at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton on 2 Sep 1862, lists her as Mary Hawkins, Single, daughter of Robert Hawkins, Mason. Obviously incorrect, but useful confirmation.

Mary had one daughter with her second husband:
  1. Henrietta Elizabeth Sully b. 1865 S Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 404, bap. 13 Jul 1865 at St Mary Magdalene. Died, aged 10, in 1875 D Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 271 and was buried, on 22 Oct 1875, at St Mary Magdalene.
Henrietta's baptism lists her father as Deputy Governor Of Wilton Gaol

Mary Sully died, aged 38, in 1868 J Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 237 and was buried on 10 Apr 1868 at St Mary Magdalene.

What do we know about Henry Sully?

Henry Sully was baptised on 27 July 1817, son of Henry Sully, Labourer and Hannah Burrows. At the time of his first marriage to Mary Burston, bap. 19 Oct 1817, daughter of John Burston, Fishmonger and his wife, Jane, on 22 Nov 1838, Henry Sully's occupation was listed as Mariner. Two of their sons later had Naval careers. Henry and Mary went on to have at least 10 children, the last of whom was baptised on 30 Oct 1860. Then first wife, Mary Sully, died, at 43, in 1860 D Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 259. 

On many of the children's baptisms, Henry is described as Guard At Wilton Gaol. In 1851, Henry had been Chief Turnkey Of Wilton Gaol, as he was in 1861. By 1865, he was Deputy Governor Of Wilton Gaol.

Henry then married Mary Tidborough (née Hawkins) and had the one further daughter with her, before he was widowed again in 1868.

So Henry married for a third time to Elizabeth Morgan, bap. 30 Aug 1828 in Pitminster, Somerset, daughter of William Morgan, Green Grocer, and Mary Dymond, on 13 Aug 1868, at St Mary Magdalene, Taunton. On this marriage, Henry Sully's occupation was listed as Inn Keeper. Henry's son by his first wife, Samuel Sully, later married Elizabeth's younger sister, Camilla Morgan.

In 1881, with address listed as Market House, Taunton, at 63, Henry Sully's occupation was listed as Hall Keeper. With his previous experience with the prison service, he may well have been caretaker of Taunton Shire Hall

Elizabeth Sully, of Wilton Cottage, died, at 73, in 1900 M Quarter in TAUNTON Volume 05C Page 286 and was buried on 5 Mar 1900.

Henry Sully died in 1903 M Qtr in TAUNTON Vol 05C Page 219, at 86.

Wednesday, 8 March 2023

John Tidborough and Elizabeth Summers

Halberton : St Andrew's Church
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John Tidburrow (sic) married Elizabeth Summers, daughter of John Summers and Sarah Middleton, at St Andrews Church, Halberton, on 7 Feb 1823. One of the witnesses to this marriage was Thomas Tooze, who later that year married Elizabeth's younger sister Mary, who made his mark.

John and Elizabeth appear only to have had one son:
  1. William Tidborough b. 27 Sep 1829, bap. 26 Oct 1829 at the Uffculme, Crosslands or Cold Harbour Chapel, Devon (Independant)
It seems that John Tidborough must have died before 1841, as that year we find Elizabeth Tidborough (40) Lab[ourer] Wool Fact[ory] and William Tidborough (10) Agricultural Labourer living in the household of William Nation (30) and his wife Mary (née Marshall) in Coldharbour, Uffculme

In 1851, Elizabeth Tidborough (51) Widow, Worsted Warper, was living in Uffculme, with her mother, Sarah Summers (76). William Tidborough (21) Journeyman Miller, was a lodger in Tucker Street, Wells, Somerset.

Fox Brothers, Coldharbour
Mill, Uffculme

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Working with wool and in a factory, I think it is safe to assume that Elizabeth was working at Coldharbour Mill, now the Coldharbour Mill Working Wool Museum - one of the oldest woollen textile mills in the world, in continuous production since 1797, although there has been a mill of some description near the Coldharbour site since Saxon times.

In 1861, Elizabeth Tidborough (62) Formerly Warper was a lodger, still living in Coldharbour, Uffculme.

Elizabeth Tidborough died in 1866 M Qtr in TIVERTON Vol 05B Page 370.
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