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Henry Prior and Eliza Ellen Seymour

Former St Peter's Church, Cephas Street, Mile End Old Town
Photo: Julian Walker. Some Rights Reserved

Henry Prior (b. 1835), son of Charles Prior and Mary Wilton, married Eliza Ellen Seymour (b. 1838, registered: Ellen Eliza Seymour 1838 D Quarter in MALDON Volume 12 Page 131), daughter of John Seymour and Susannah Howell, on 16 Aug 1869 at the church of St PeterMile End Old Town.

In 1861, Eliza Seymour (22) had been a visitor in the household of her brother-in-law, Charles Lambson (30) Wine Clerk - married to Eliza's older sister, Jane Seymour (bap. 27 Oct 1822) - in Chesterford Terrace, Stanley Road, Hackney, which would explain her presence in that area. 

Henry and Eliza Prior had seven children, all born in Maldon, Essex

  1. Florence Annie Prior b. 1870 J Qtr in MALDON Vol 04A Page 261
  2. Agnes Prior b. 1872 M Qtr in MALDON Vol 04A  Page 274. Died, aged 1, in 1873 S Qtr in MALDON Vol 04A  Page 164
  3. Rosa Jane Prior b. 1874 M Qtr in MALDON Vol 04A Page 274
  4. Alice Gertrude Prior b. 1876 J Qtr in MALDON Vol 04A Page 308. Died, aged 19, in 1896 M Qtr in CAMBRIDGE Vol 03B Page 314
  5. Alfred Edwin Prior b. 1878 S Qtr in MALDON Vol 04A Page 325
  6. Ada Ella Prior b. 1880 S Qtr in MALDON Vol 04A Page 355
  7. Eleanor Winifred Prior (Minnie) b. 1885 M Qtr Vol 04A Page 463
In 1871, on Market Hill, Maldon, Essex, Henry Prior (36), was a basket maker. The original census return shows him to have been in the household alone. One imagines Eliza may have returned to her family for the birth of their first child, but neither she nor the infant appear to be listed anywhere.

Market Hill, Maldon
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In 1881, Henry Prior (46), was listed as a Furniture Dealer on Market Hill, Maldon, Essex. Living with him were Eliza (42), Florence (10), Rosa (7), Alice (5), Alfred (2) and Ada (0).

In 1891, Henry Prior (57) Furniture Dealer was in Bridge Street, Bishop's Stortford, Hertfordshire with Eliza Prior (53), Gertrude Prior (15), Alfred Prior (12), Ella Prior (10) and Winifred Prior (6). Florence A Prior (20) Drapers Apprentice and Rosa J Prior (16) Drapers Apprentice were living in Castle Road, Bedford.

In 1901, Henry Prior (66), House Furnisher, was living at 172 East RoadCambridge, with wife, Ellen (62) and their five children: Florence (29), Rosa (24), Alfred (22), Ella (20) and Minnie (16). (Alice Gertrude Prior had died in 1896, aged 19.) Also listed was Daniel Seymour (67), Congregational Minister, widower, visitor (Daniel George Seymour b. 12 Jun 1833, was Eliza's brother.) 

In 1911, Henry Prior (76) was still listed as a House Furnisher, living at 172 East Road, Cambridge, with wife Eliza Prior (72), Florence Prior (40) Book keeper in the business; Rosa Prior (37), Alfred Prior (32) Assisting in the business and Winifred Prior (26). The 1911 census confirms that they had been married for 42 years, had 7 children born alive and 5 still living.

Henry and Eliza Ellen Prior were still in Cambridge in 1921.

Eliza Ellen Prior died, aged 89, in 1926 D Quarter in CAMBRIDGE Volume 03B Page 509 and was buried at All Saints' Church, Cambridge.

On 4 Jan 1930, Ada Ella Prior (50) Spinster of 172 East Rd, Cambridge, daughter of Henry Prior, House Furnisher, married Isaac Collins, Auctioneer, Bachelor of The Hectorage, Tunbridge, Kent, son of Thomas Collins, Land Agent, by Licence at St Andrew the Less (now Christ Church Cambridge).

Henry Prior died at the age of 95 in 1930 D Quarter in CAMBRIDGE Volume 03B Page 478 and was also buried at All Saints' Church, Cambridge.