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Monday, 3 May 2021

Henry Prior and Eliza Ellen Seymour

Former St Peter's Church, Cephas Street, Mile End Old Town
Photo: Julian Walker. Some Rights Reserved

Henry Prior (b. 1835), son of Charles Prior and Mary Wilton, married Eliza Ellen Seymour on 16 Aug 1869 at the church of St PeterMile End Old Town.

Henry and Eliza Prior had at least 6 children, all born in Maldon, Essex: 

  1. Florence Annie Prior born 1870
  2. Rosa Jane Prior born 1874
  3. Alice Gertrude Prior born 1876 (died 1896)
  4. Alfred Edwin Prior born 1878
  5. Ada Ella Prior born 1880
  6. Eleanor Winifred Prior (Minnie) born 1885
In 1871, in Maldon, Essex, Henry Prior (36), was originally a basket maker.

Market Hill, Maldon
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Stefan Czapski
In 1881, Henry (46), was listed as a Furniture Dealer on Market Hill, Maldon, Essex. Living with him was wife Eliza (42), Florence (10), Rosa (7), Alice (5), Alfred (2) and Ada (0).

In 1901, Henry (66), was a House Furnisher at 172 East RoadCambridge. Living with him were wife, Ellen (62) and five of their children: Florence (29), Rosa (24), Alfred (22), Ella (20) and Minnie (16). Also listed is Daniel Seymour (67), visitor, who I imagine is Eliza's brother. (Alice Gertrude Prior had died in 1896, aged 19.)

And in 1911, Henry (76) was still a House Furnisher in Cambridge, with wife Eliza (72), Florence (40), Rosa (37), Alfred (32) and Winifred (26). 

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