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Friday, 23 April 2021

Edward Green and Eliza Goodman

St. Matthew's Church, Bethnal Green
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Edward Green and Eliza Goodman have proved to be a slippery pair, but if you read the dialogue that has come straight out of their mouths in this report of their dodgy practices, then you'd almost believe this was deliberate. 

With common enough surnames such as Green and Goodman, you'd think there would be too many records to be able to identify relevant ones, but in fact there is nothing. No marriage during their lifetimes - not in Essex, not in London, not in the world - between an Edward Green and an Eliza Goodman. Would we be surprised if this pair hadn't bothered to churchify their union? Probably not. 

It would appear though that they had five lovely daughters: 
  1. Eliza Green born in the second quarter of 1841 in Bethnal Green, mother's maiden surname Goodman. This looks like the child on the 1841 census. 
  2. Emma Green born 1847 (there is a birth registered in the 3rd quarter, in Bethnal Green, with mother's maiden surname given as Goodwin.)
  3. Mary Ann Green born 3 Jul 1849, bap. 29 Jul 1849 at St Matthew's, Bethnal Green. There was no civil birth registration for Mary Ann.
  4. Sarah Green born c. 1854/5 (from census - no birth/baptism)
  5. Eliza Louisa Green born 21 Mar 1858 in St George in the East (Mother's maiden surname Goodman.) Bap. 18 Apr 1858 at Christ Church, Jamaica Street, Stepney. Died, aged 13, in 1871 in Mile End.
So, it's only through the records of the 5th child that we can confirm with any confidence that Eliza's surname was Goodman. With the information from the 1851 census that she was purportedly from Braintree, there is a potential record of an Eliza Goodman born 8 Jan 1823, bap. 7 Sep 1823 at St Mary's, Bocking, Essex to William Goodman and Ann Stubbing (m. 1 Jan 1818). Maybe.

Edward Green was purportedly born in Shoreditch, in 1819, but I can find no record that I could identify as being convincingly relevant for his birth.

In 1841, in Anglesea Street, St Matthew, Bethnal Green, there's a weird census entry of an Edward Green (20), Cabinet Maker, not born in the county and, living with him are an Elizabeth (2) and Elizabeth (1 month). This might make sense if the first Elizabeth was 20, but it doesn't look like a mis-transcription. And Elizabeth isn't Eliza. Given the other details, I'm pretty sure this is them.

At the time of Mary Ann's baptism in 1849 they were living in Scott Street, Bethnal Green

In 1851, still living in Scott Street, Bethnal Green, we find Edward Green (32), Cabinet Maker, born in Shoreditch, with Eliza Green (28), born in Braintree, Essex, and daughter Emma Green (3). Where was Mary Ann? 

Eliza born 1841, does not appear on the census again. There is a death of an Eliza Green, aged 8 in 1850 in Bethnal Green that would correspond.

At the time of Eliza Louisa Green's baptism in 1858, the family's address is given as Chapel Street, St George in the East, which was later renamed Tait Street. We know they were already at the The King and Queen public house in 1858.

In 1861, at 25, Mary Street (same place: on the corner with Tait Street), St George in the East, there is Edward Green (40), Publican, Eliza (38), Emma (13), Mary (12), Sarah (6) and Eliza (3), as well as a Harriet Blundell (12), visitor.

Edward Green died on 22 Jun 1870, aged 50, from liver and kidney disease. 

Daughter Mary Ann, who had married in 1867, had also died in 1870.

In 1871, at Tait Street, St George in the East (still the King and Queen pub), Eliza Green (48), Widow, Licenced Victualler, is joined by now married daughter, Emma Horn (22), Barmaid, John Horn (23), Plumber, Sarah Green (17), Eliza Green (13), Eliza Thompson (2), granddaughter, Emma Horn (2), granddaughter, Edward J Horn (0), grandson, and Emily R Slade (14), General Servant.

The East London Observer in August 1875 lists Eliza Green as the outgoing licensee at the King and Queen. In 1881, Eliza is living with her daughter Sarah and her husband, Alfred James Lynch, at the Duke of Norfolk public house in Mile End Old Town. There is a death of an Eliza Green, aged 67, in 1890.

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