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Friday 24 May 2024

Isaac Horn and Maria Agnes Thaxter

St. George-in-the-East
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Isaac Horn (b. 1803, bap. 3 Aug 1806 in Thatcham, Berkshire), son of John Horn and Lucy Buckeridge, married Maria Agnes Thaxter (b. 6 Jan 1824 and bap. 21 Mar 1824 at St George in the East, Stepney), daughter of William Thaxter, Labourer in the East India Docks and his wife, Maria, at Christ Church Watney Street, St George in the East, on 24 May 1842. The groom, listed as a bachelor, will have been 39, while Maria was 18. Witnesses were James Massey and Amelia Thaxter, the latter I believe was Maria's sister.

Isaac and Maria had seven children:

  1. William Horn b. 14 Oct 1842 D Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 02 Page 103, bap. 13 Nov 1842 at St George in the East
  2. John Isaac Horn b. 18 Jul 1845 S Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 02 Page 109, bap. 31 Aug 1845, as John Isaac Robert Horn
  3. George James Horn b. 16 Feb 1848 M Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 02 Page 132, bap. 5 Mar 1848. Died before his 1st birthday in 1849 M Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 02 Page 99
  4. Edmund Horn b. 1851 M Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 02 Page 128. Died, aged 2, in 1853 M Quarter Vol 01C Page 340
  5. Isaac Richard Horn b. 4 July 1856 S Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 01C Page 406, bap. 27 Jul 1856 at St George in the East
  6. Lucy Ann Horn b. 1858 M Qtr in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Vol 01C 452
  7. Maria Lucy Horn b. 1862 J Quarter in ST GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 452. Died in 1862 J Quarter Volume 01C Page 314
On all of the baptisms, Isaac Horn is listed as a Plumber. 

On William's baptism in 1842, their address was 39 Lower Cornwell St and on John's in 1845, 29 Lower Cornwell St. On George's baptism in 1848, their address was 5 Back Road and on Isaac's in 1856, it was 5 China Place. 

In 1851, at China Place, Back Road (so the addresses on George's and Isaac's baptisms was the same place), were Isaac Horn (46) Plumber, although it gave his birthplace a Chippenham, Wiltshire; Maria Horn (27) Coffee Shop Keeper; William Horn (8), John Horn (5) and Edwin [they mean Edmund] (0).

Coffee Houses were a thing of the 17th and 18th centuries, places that no “respectable” woman was able to enter and many were haunts for criminals and prostitutes. By the 19th century, coffee houses had declined.

In 1861, at 5, Back Road, St George in the East, were Isaac Horn (56) Plumber and Painter, again with his birthplace listed as Chippenham, Wiltshire; Maria Horn (listed as 51, but she was only 37); William Horn (18) Plumber; John Horn (16) Plumber; Isaac Horn (5) and Lucy Horn (3).

Maria Horn died, at 39, in 1862 D Quarter Volume 01C Page 367.

In 1871, Isaac Horn (67) Widower, was Coffee House Keeper at 333 Cable Street. Living with him were William Horn (24) Plumber; Isaac Horn (15) Plumber and Lucy Horn (14). At one time each part of the street bore different names, with Back Road being one of them, so it seems likely they'd been in the same premises since at least 1848. This time, Isaac's birthplace is listed as Thatcham, Berkshire. Why it had previously been given as Chippenham, Wiltshire, isn't obvious, but twice isn't an error. The two places are around 50 miles apart, so if I had to speculate, perhaps Isaac was born in Chippenham, then (given the delay) baptised and brought up in Thatcham.

Isaac Horn, age overestimated to 75, died on 20 Mar 1874 (1874 M Quarter in SAINT GEORGE IN THE EAST Volume 01C Page 328).