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Monday, 3 May 2021

Richard Wilton and Mary Robinson

St Mary, Sawston - East end
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Richard Wilton (1737), son of Henry Wilton and Martha Douse, married Mary Robinson on 30 Mar 1762 in Sawston, Cambridgeshire. Only two miles from Great Shelford and Stapleford, is Sawston, where there were many Wiltons, going back to the early 1600s - just haven't tied them all together. 

They had at least four children, all baptised at St Mary's Church, Sawston.

  1. Elizabeth Wilton bap. 4 Jul 1762
  2. Henry Wilton bap. 30 Oct 1768
  3. Stephen Wilton bap. 25 Dec 1777
  4. Hannah Wilton bap. 7 Jun 1779 (buried 17 Aug 1779)
Mary Wilton, wife of Richard, died and was buried on 10 Apr 1780.

Sawston, Cambridgeshire is notable as one of the very few industrial villages in the county that take advantage of the clean water supply, one of the principle industries being leather. There are two sites in Sawston which support or have formerly supported Tanning facilities and there may have been leather-workers in the parish in the Middle Ages. This tradition very likely explains what led Henry Wilton (1768) and his nephew, Henry Wilton (1809) to become saddlers and my 3rd great-grandfather, Richard Wilton, a harness maker.

The River Cam (or Granta) near Sawston
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