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Tuesday, 23 February 2021

Robert Middleton and Elizabeth Baker

At the west end of Knowstone village, the road narrows to a cart's width between the cottages.
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Another pair of my 3rd great-grandparents, Robert Medelton (sic) married Elizabeth Baker on 21 Sept 1821 in the parish of Knowstone, Devon. 

Spellings are always variable, but none more so than with Middleton / Medelton and it's variations, which I'm sure is as a result of the officiator writing down what they heard said in a thick West Country accent. 

Robert and Elizabeth had seven children, all of whom were baptised at St Peters Church, Knowstone, but only four survive infancy: 
  1. Elizabeth Medelton (sic) bap. 19 Jan 1823 (buried 23 May 1824)
  2. William Medelton (sic) bap. 13 Mar 1825 (buried 5 Jun 1825)
  3. Robert Medelton (sic) bap. 4 Jun 1826
  4. Jane Medelton (sic) bap. 15 Mar 1829
  5. Maria Middleton bap. 22 Jan 1832 (buried 21 Sep 1834)
  6. Harriot Medelton (sic) bap. 4 May 1834
  7. Thomas Middleton bap. 25 Jul 1841
In 1841, Robert (50), an Agricultural Labourer, and Elizabeth (40), are living, as are many other families, in "Part of Lower High Building" in Knowstone, with Harriet (7) and Thomas (0). By that point, Robert Jr was working, also as an Ag Lab, for William Follett at Bransford, Knowstone, while Jane (12), was similarly employed by John Bucknell at Beaple's Barton. 

It appears that Robert Middleton Sr died in the 1840s and we lose track of Elizabeth in the 1850s and 1860s, but catch up with her again in 1871, when Elizabeth Middleton (71), widow and annuitant, is a lodger in the household of George Bawden at Bawden Cottage, Knowstone. Elizabeth Middleton died, aged 73 and was buried on 31 Aug 1873, at St Peters Church, Knowstone.

St Peters Church, Knowstone
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