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Saturday, 27 February 2021

Hugh Tapp and Harriet Middleton

Sheep pasture above Marledge
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Harriet Middleton, bap. 4 May 1834, in Knowstone, daughter of Robert Middleton and Elizabeth Baker and younger sister of Jane Middleton, married Hugh Tapp, christened on 22 Apr 1832 in Twitchen, Devon, in 1858 in South Molton registration district. Hugh was the son of Hugh Tapp and Ann Yendell, who had married in Twitchen on 27 Mar 1829, who in turn was son of Hugh Tapp and Joan Gunter, who married on 1 Apr 1799 in North Molton.

At home with his parents at Marledge in 1841, Hugh Tapp was then eldest of three surviving children: Hugh (9), John (5) and William (2). His grandparents, Hugh (77) and Joan (84) also lived at Marledge

Hugh's father died in 1846, aged just 47.

By 1851, Hugh Tapp (17) was one of the labourers employed by Roger Buckingham, Farmer Of 70 Acres 2 Laborers, in Twitchen. James Buckingham, Hugh Buckingham, William and Roger Buckingham, as well as a John Tapp and a William Tapp, are all listed as farmers in Twitchen in WHITE'S DIRECTORY OF 1850. At that time, Harriet Middleton was employed as a general servant by George Gilliard at Sandyway, Exmoor, on the Devon & Somerset border.

By 1861, Hugh and Harriet Tapp were living at Hough, Twitchen, with their first two children.
  1. John Tapp born 1859 
  2. Hugh Tapp born 1860
  3. Mary Ann Tapp born 1863
  4. William Tapp born 1866, died 1870, aged 4
  5. William Henry Tapp born 1870
  6. Henry Tapp born 1871
  7. Jane Tapp born 1873
They appear to have escaped the 1871 census, then Hugh Tapp himself died young in 1877, aged just 45. He was buried that year in Molland.

Widowed Harriet Tapp married Henry Blackford in South Molton, in 1879. 

In 1881, Harriet Blackford (48) and her two youngest children, Henry Tapp (10) and Jane Tapp (8), were living at Headgate, Twitchen. Still married, her husband is not in the household. Henry Blackford died, aged 66, in 1883. 

Widowed again, we next find Harriet Blackford (56), in 1891, employed as a female servant in the household of Charles Purchase in North Hensley, North Molton. So far, I haven't found a record of a death for Harriet Blackford, nor found her in a subsequent census. There is a marriage of a Harriet Blackford in 1894, so she may have married for the third time, but I haven't been able to find other records yet to confirm if this record definitely relates to her.

Twitchen: towards the church
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