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Sunday, 27 September 2020

The Chequers Inn, Great Dunmow, Essex

The Chequers Public House, 27 Stortford Rd, Great Dunmow, Essex

While we were in Great Dunmow recently, we went to have a look at the The Chequers Public House - formerly The Chequers Inn, a coaching inn

William Hockley, baptised 16 Feb 1766, the younger brother of one of my 5x great-grandfathers, Daniel Hockley (b. 1760) - I calculate that makes William my 5th great-grand uncle - was described on the baptism record of his son, Robert, in 1802, as a Hostler at the Chequers Inn. The Hostler may have been the innkeeper, but certainly he will have been responsible for the horses.

The building itself is Grade II Listed, parts of which may date back to the 14th Century or even earlier, so one can probably presume that much of what one sees today is still fundamentally as it was in William Hockley's time.

William Hockley had married Jane Pye (daughter of a Joseph and Mary Pye) on 24 Feb 1795 at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow. Their son William was baptised there on 5 Jul 1795. It would appear that Jane may have died as a result of giving birth to a daughter, as she was buried at St Mary's on 6 July 1797, aged 25 and their daughter, Jane Pye Hockley, born 1797, died the following year, aged 9 months, and was buried on 14 Mar 1798. 

St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow, Essex - Sanctuary
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William then remarried to Sarah Stokes of Little Canfield on 7 Sep 1800, also at the church of St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow. They went on to have at least eight children:
  1. Jane Hockley b. Feb 1800 Bastard Child of William Hockley and Sarah Stokes, as the parish registers state, was baptised, aged 9 weeks, on 13 Apr 1800
  2. Robert Hockley baptised 2 Oct 1802, died aged 3 weeks, 3 days and was buried 15 Oct 1802
  3. Robert Hockley baptised 11 Mar 1804
  4. Sarah Hockley baptised 29 Dec 1805
  5. Mary Ann Hockley 26 Feb 1809
  6. Elizabeth Hockley 25 Aug 1811
  7. Ann Hockley baptised 8 Dec 1816 (where William is still listed as Hostler) and died 1819, aged 2 (buried 16 Sep 1819)
  8. Henry Hockley baptised 25 Apr 1819. [Sources]
William Hockley (74), wife Sarah (65) and youngest son, Henry (20), are living in Star Lane, Great Dunmow in 1841. William died and was buried at St Mary the Virgin, Great Dunmow on 20 Oct 1844. The widowed Sarah, then 83, was still living in Star Lane in 1861 and died, in 1867, aged 90. 

Star Lane in Great Dunmow
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