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Augustus Percival Bartley and Mary Henrietta Wilton

St Michael's Church Nave, Bray
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Marriage of Mary Henrietta Wilton and Augustus Percival Bartley

Mary Henrietta Wilton, daughter of Henry Staines Wilton and Amelia Palmer, married Augustus Percival Bartley on 11 Aug 1894 at St Michael's Church, Bray, as the newspaper announcement of the day (above) also informs us. 

The Bartleys had seven children, all born in Marylebone:

  1. Alexander Henry Bartley born 1895 
  2. Esther Margaret Bartley born 23 Nov 1896
  3. Catherine Mary Bartley born 1899
  4. Rosamund Agnes Bartley born 1901
  5. Marietta Augusta Bartley born 3 Nov 1904
  6. Edward Wilton Bartley born 1907
  7. Barbara Betty Bartley born 1912
In 1901, at 20, Hamilton Terrace, St Marylebone, are Augustus P Bartley (35) Hunting and Military Boot Maker, with Mary H (30), Alexander H (5), Esther M (4) and Catherine M (2), employing three servants: Annie N Gillespie (23), Housemaid; Ellen E A Lodge (23), Nurse and Margaret Gillespie (21), Cook.

Records suggest that Catherine Mary (5) died in East Preston, Sussex in 1904.

In 1911, still at 20, Hamilton Terrace, St Marylebone, we find Augustus Percival (45), Mary Henrietta (40), Esther Margaret (14), Rosamund Agnes (9), Marietta Augusta (6) and Edward Wilton (3). Visitor, Lina Frances Green (14) and the family still employ three servants; Annie Naomie Gillespie (33), Parlourmaid; Sarah Grace Gillespie (20), Nursemaid and Elizabeth Mayo (33) Cook. 
Augustus Percival Bartley, born 12 Jun 1865, inherited Bartley & Sons bootmakers in 1893

By 1939, the Bartleys have moved up the road to 52 Hamilton Terrace, St John's Wood, where there are Augustus P Bartley (74), Master Boot - Maker, Mary H (68), Alexander H (44), Esther M (43), Marietta A (35) and Barbara B (27) with two servants: Elsie E Grey (38) and Norah W Hyland (24).

Mary Henrietta Bartley died on 13 Nov 1946. She will have been 75.

Augustus Percival Bartley died on 14 Jan 1952 at St Mary's Hospital, Paddington. Probate was granted to Alexander Henry Bartley, boot manufacturer and to Esther Margaret Bartley, spinster. Augustus Percival Bartley left effects of £127,877 10s 9d (worth £3,703,983 in 2020).

In 1953 Peal & Co bought their Oxford Street neighbours, Bartley & Son.

Esther Margaret Bartley died in 1979 in Chichester, Sussex. Marietta Augusta Bartley died, in Sutton, Surrey, in April 2003. She will have been 98. Both had remained spinsters. Alexander H Bartley certainly married, but there are, unfortunately, several marriages to choose from. Rosamund appears to have married in 1929 and Barbara in 1939. Edward W Bartley married Mary Goldsmith in Marylebone in 1944, all of which require further research.

Hamilton Terrace
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William Palmer Wilton and Dorothy Agnes Dickins

Fellows Road, London NW3
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William Palmer Wilton, son of Henry Staines Wilton and Amelia Palmer, married late, at the age of 40, to Dorothy Agnes Dickins, then 25, daughter of Henry Percy Tavener Dickins (1858-1934) and Charlotte Rebecca Fase (1854-1902) in 1910, in Hampstead, London. We learn that, "Major Henry Percy Tavener Dickins VD Victoria Rifles was a wine and spirit merchant in Philpot Lane in the City, in partnership with his brother Wyndham. H[is] family was the Dickins known for the department store business Dickins & Jones." 

In 1911, the newly married couple were living at 117 Fellows Road, Hampstead, London, where William Palmer Wilton (41) Saddler & Harness maker, and Dorothy Agnes Wilton (26) employ Elizabeth Anne Crouch (35), Cook General Domestic and Ellen Friend (29), House Parlourmaid Domestic.

William and Dorothy had three daughters, all born in Hampstead: 

  1. Frances Mary Wilton born 31 Aug 1911 
  2. Agnes Joan Wilton born 1916 
  3. Helen Margaret Wilton born 1919 
William P Wilton inherited Champion & Wilton on his father's death in 1915.

We next see them, in 1939, at 18 Fitzjohn's Avenue, Belsize Park, where William P and Dorothy A Wilton now have three staff: Florence M Kemcock, Domestic Cook; Leticia M Labrook, Housemaid and Eilan M Brown, Housemaid.

There's an Agnes J Wilton, born 1916, in St Marys Hill, Woking and Helen M Wilton, born 1919, at Half Acre, Cross Oak Road, Berkhamsted in 1939. 

In the early 1950s I met William Wilton who was pretty old then and died soon after. He told me his shop was on Oxford Street and that he lived in Hampstead. From the top floor of his shop he told me that he could see his home “until that man Selfridge built in the way”.

William Palmer Wilton died in 1957, at the age of 88. He was buried, on 3 Jan 1958, at Hampstead Cemetery, with his parents, brother John and sister Margaret. On his death, Major William Palmer Wilton left the company, Champion & Wilton, to his shop manager Reginald Arkell.

Dorothy Agnes Wilton died in 1965, aged 81.

William and Dorothy's Daughters

Records show that Frances Mary Wilton (42) and Agnes Joan Wilton (37), embarked in Southampton at the end of July 1953 and arrived in Quebec on 4 Aug 1953, aboard the T.S.S. Columbia and then crossed the border into the United States. They gave the address - presumably of where they were going to be staying - as 1725 Orrington Avenue, Evanston, IL.

Frances Mary Wilton died in August 1986, aged 75 and Agnes Joan Wilton died, in 2014 at the grand old age of 98, both in London. Neither ever married.

Helen Margaret Wilton, however, did marry, in Hampstead, in 1954 to Kenneth Graeme Todd (b. 1909). Records suggest that they had two children (born in 1957 and 1960 - so I shan't list their names here as they are likely to be still alive). Kenneth Graeme Todd died, in Surrey in 1994. Helen Margaret Todd died in 2017, in Exeter, Devon. Like her sister, she too will have been 98.

Fitzjohn's Avenue, Hampstead
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William Wykes and Elizabeth Thompson

Deptford Green, SE8
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Elizabeth Thompson, daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, married William Wykes at St Andrew'sCransley, Northamptonshire, on 26 Apr 1852. William, son of Edward Wykes and Mary Davies, was born on 29 Aug 1829 in Spratton, Northamptonshire and baptised at Great Creaton on 7 Jun 1830. Witnesses to the marriage were Elizabeth's niece, Sarah Elizabeth Thompson (daughter of Elizabeth's brother, Daniel) and nephew, Daniel Botterill (son of Elizabeth's sister, Mary), first cousins who married four years later.

William and Elizabeth's family consisted:
  1. Anne Thompson born 1846 in Spratton
  2. Martha Wykes born 1853 in Brixworth
  3. Mary Ann Wykes born 1855 in Greenwich
  4. Eliza Wykes born 1857 in Greenwich
  5. Edward William Wykes born 1859 in Greenwich
  6. Elizabeth Wykes born 1861 in Greenwich
  7. John Thomas Wykes born 1864 in Greenwich
  8. Maria Sarah Elizabeth born 1868 in Greenwich
  9. William Thompson Wykes born 1869 in Greenwich

By 1861 William Wykes (29), Elizabeth Wykes (32), Anne Wykes (15), Martha (8), Mary Ann (6), Eliza (4) and Edward W (1), along with Edward Dodd (21) Lodger and John Wykes (21), are living in Deptford, where Daniel and Sarah Botterill were living then too. Anne Wykes (15) is certainly the Ann Thompson (5) who was staying with her grandmother, Maria Thompson, in 1851. It's clear she is Elizabeth's child. It's not clear if William Wykes is her biological father, even though she is using his surname (didn't find registration under either).

In 1871, William Wykes (45) Labourer, Elizabeth (42), Martha (18), Mary Ann (16), Edward (11), Sarah Elizabeth (9), John Thomas (says 0, but is 6) and William (0), are all still living in Deptford, along with Mary Thompson (85), Elizabeth's widowed mother. 

In 1881, William Wykes (51) with no employment, and son Edward William (21) Labourer, are living at  38, Deptford Green, while Elizabeth (52) is at 249, Evelyn Street, Deptford, with her occupation listed as Midwife. With her are now married daughter Martha Burnacott (28), Elizabeth Wykes (19) Assistant Nurse, John T (16) Apprentice Moulder and William T (11) Scholar.

In 1891, living in Evelyn Street, Deptford are William Wykes (63) Labourer, Elizabeth (62) Midwife and just William (21) Boiler Maker. 

William Wykes died, in Greenwich in 1892, aged 62. 

Elizabeth Wykes died, in Greenwich, just two years later in 1994, aged 65.

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George Collins and Martha Thompson

St. Andrew's Church, Cransley
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Martha Thompson, daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, married the 20 year old George Collins, a Carpenter, at her parish church of St Andrew's, Cransley, Northamptonshire, on 8 Nov 1847. Martha's father isn't listed on the marriage certificate (he was already deceased, but that shouldn't make any difference), but it's clear this is her, because witnesses include one of the Thompson family and, specifically, Martha's sister, Maria Blackett.

In 1848, they have a son, George Collins, born in St George in the East.

Then Martha Collins died in 1850, aged just 24 and, in 1851, George Collins (24), Carpenter, Widower, is lodging with John and Maria Blackett.

So far, I've been unable to trace either George Collins further.

Marriage of George Collins to Martha Thompson

William Thompson

Former Kettering Work House
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William Thompson, son of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, in 1851, aged 25, a Mason's Labourer, was still living with his widowed mother in Cransley, Northamptonshire. And in 1861, William Thompson (31) was again living with his widowed mother in Cransley and employed as a sawyer. 

In 1871, William Thompson (47) Farm Servant, is visiting his sister and brother-in-law, William Naseby and Eliza Thompson, in Rugby. 

In 1881, however, William Thompson (55), was an inmate in the Kettering Union Workhouse, as was his elder brother, Thomas Thompson at that time. As his brother was skilled, a carpenter, my thoughts are that he went to the workhouse as he was infirm. Could it be William went to look after his brother there? 

In 1891, he is back with his sister and brother-in-law in Rugby, where William Thompson (64), single, is listed as a Gardener Domestic Servant. 

For now, we lose track of him after that, although, there is a possible death of a William Thompson, aged 96, in Kettering in 1919. 

Joseph Hill Adcock and Martha Naseby

St Andrew's Church, Rugby
G-13114, CC BY-SA 4.0

Joseph Hill Adcock, third son of James Adcock and Mary Hill, married Martha Naseby, fifth child of William Naseby and Eliza Thompson at St Andrew's Church, Rugby on 8 Apr 1869. Although not blood relatives, they were still keeping it in the family, as Joseph's father, James Adcock was the brother of Mary Adcock, wife of Daniel Thompson, who was the brother of Eliza Thompson, Martha's mother. Don't worry if you're still confused.

Joseph and Martha had four children: 
  1. George Hill Adcock born 1870, bap. 9 Oct 1870 at St Andrew's, Rugby
  2. James William Adcock born 1875, bap. 11 Jul 1875 at St Andrew's, Rugby
  3. Mary Elizabeth Mobbs Adcock born 1877, bap 29 Apr 1877 at St Matthew's, Rugby
  4. Louisa Cox Adcock born 1880, bap. 26 Dec 1880 at St Matthew's, Rugby
In 1871, Joseph H Adcock (29), Gardener, is living with wife Martha (21) and son George H (0).

Rugby-Clifton Road Cemetery
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In 1881, living at Cemetry Lodge, Clifton Road, Rugby, Joseph Hill Adcock (39) had become the Cemetery Lodge Keeper. Living with him are wife Martha (31), George Hill (10), James William (5), Mary E (4) and Louisa C (0).

In 1891, still in Clifton Road, Joseph Adcock (49) is Cemetery Manager. Listed also are Martha (41), George (20), William (15), Mary (14) and Louisa (10). 

By 1901, living in Oxford Street, Rugby, Joseph Adcock (59) was a Shop Keeper, Green Grocer - one imagines working for or with his father-in-law, William Naseby - with wife Martha (51) and James Bazely (15) Errand Boy.

Joseph Hill Adcock died on 25 Aug 1903, aged 61. Probate was granted on 5 Oct 1903 with Martha Adcock the sole beneficiary. Martha Adcock died in 1908, aged 58 and was buried, on 1 May 1908, at Newbold-on-Avon.

Rugby-Oxford Street
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Mary Elizabeth Adcock

Belton Street Shop
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Mary Elizabeth Adcock, only daughter of James Adcock and Mary Hill, in 1861, living with her parents, was described as a Dressmaker. 

By 1871, living with her widowed father, she had become a Schoolmistress.

In 1881, Mary E Adcock (37) was living at 17, Belton Street, Stamford St George, Stamford, Lincolnshire - which may well have been the address she had lived with her parents - by this time she is described as "Invalid Formerly Teacher". Can't help wondering if this was a result of some kind of accident for her to have been left with enough means to live off from such a short career. 

Still in Belton Street in 1891, Mary E Adcock (47) is an Annuitant. 

In 1901, Mary Eliz Adcock (57), "Living on own means", address is Milner's Row, Stamford, although I think this may well have still been the same place from the description, "Part of this terrace remains although the houses nearest Belton Street have been demolished and replaced with a modern garage." 

Mary Elizabeth Adcock died in 1906, aged 63. She never married.

William Hill Adcock and Annie Dear

On Whitechapel Road, London
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William Hill Adcock, second son of James Adcock and Mary Hill, married Anne Dear (bap. 16 Jun 1844), daughter of Stephen and Catherine Dear, at Christ Church, Watney StreetSt George in the East in 1864.

William and Annie had thirteen children: 
  1. Annie Eliza Adcock born 1865 in St George in the East
  2. Mary Elizabeth Adcock born 1868 in Shoreditch
  3. Louisa Catherine Adcock born 1869 in Whitechapel
  4. William James Adcock born 1870 in Whitechapel (died 1872, aged 1)
  5. Flora Adcock born 1872 in Whitechapel
  6. Minnie Adcock born 1874 in Whitechapel
  7. Ada Alice Adcock born 1876 in Whitechapel
  8. Charles William Adcock born 1877 in Whitechapel (died 1878, aged 0)
  9. Albert Henry Adcock born 1878 in Whitechapel
  10. Walter Charles Adcock born 1880 in Whitechapel
  11. William Ernest Adcock born 1882 in Whitechapel (died 1883, aged 0)
  12. Emily Marie Adcock born 1884 in West Ham (died 1886, aged 2)
  13. Edwin John Adcock born 1891 in Darford
In 1871, living in Whitechapel, are William Adcock (30) Tobacconist Shopman, wife Annie Adcock (26) birthplace Winterslow, Wiltshire; Annie (5); Louisa (2) and William (0). No idea why Mary Elizabeth was not listed. 

In 1881, at 4 Whitechapel Road, Whitechapel, we find William Adcock (40), Manager to Tobacconist; Annie (36); Mary E (13), Louisa (11), Flora (8), Minnie (6), Ada (5), Albert (2) and Walter (0). 

In 1891, living in Victoria Street, Erith, Kent, William Adcock (50) is now employed as a Machinist. Living with him are wife Annie (46), Louisa (21), Albert (12), Walter (11) and Edwin (0).

And in 1901, still in Victoria Street, we find William Adcock (60) a Machine Minder in a Gun Works - presumably the Vickers Works, Erith - with wife Annie (56), Albert (22), Walter (20) and Edwin (10). 

Annie Adcock died, in Dartford, in 1902, aged 58.

In 1911, William Adcock (70) is an inmate at Dartford Union Workhouse.

William Adcock died in 1920, in Bromley, Kent, aged 79.

Dartford Union Workhouse
Ethan Doyle White, CC BY-SA 4.0

Herbert Edward Southwell and Emma Elizabeth Adcock

St. Mark's Church, Peterborough
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Emma Elizabeth Adcock, daughter of John Adcock and Sarah Ann Richards, married Herbert Edward Southwell at St Mark's Church Peterborough in 1882. Herbert had been born in Wisbech, Cambridgeshire in 1863. 

They do not appear to have had any children.

In 1901, this couple were living in Belvoir Road, Bottesford, Leicestershire, with Herbert E Southwell (38) Assurance Agent and wife, Emma Southwell (36).

In 1911, they are living back in Werrington, Peterborough with Herbert (48) Insurance Agent, Emma (46) and mother-in-law, Sarah Ann Adcock (68).

Herbert Edward Southwell died on 19 Aug 1919, aged 56.

Emma Elizabeth Southwell died on 26 Feb 1943. She will have been 79. Probate was granted, on 3 Jun 1943, with her beneficiaries named as Walter Ernest Johnson and Ethel Gertrude Johnson.

John Adcock and Sarah Ann Richards

Interior, St John the Baptist Church, Peterborough
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John Adcock, eldest son of James Adcock and Mary Hill, married Sarah Ann Richards in 1861 at St John the Baptist ChurchPeterborough

John and Sarah had four children:
  1. Unnamed female child born 1861 (clearly didn't survive)
  2. Emma Elizabeth Adcock born 1864
  3. John James Adcock born 1869 (died 1889, aged 20)
  4. Annie Louisa Adcock born 1872 (died 1880, aged 8)
In 1871: John Adcock (32), Joiner, Sarah A (28), Emma E (6) and John J (2).

In 1881, we find the family at 121, Cromwell Road, Peterborough with John Adcock (42) Carpenter and Joiner, Sarah Ann (38), Emma Elizabeth (16) Shop Assistant, John James (12) Scholar. Annie Louisa had died the year before.

In 1891, John Adcock (52) occupation listed as "Joiner Foreman", Sarah Ann (48) and Emma Elizabeth (26) is still at home. John James had died in 1889.

In 1901, still in Cromwell Road, there are just John Adcock (62) Foreman Joiner, with wife Sarah Ann (58). Emma Elizabeth had married in 1892.

John Adcock died on 8 May 1907. Probate was granted on 19 Jun 1907 to his widow, Sarah Ann Adcock and daughter, Emma Elizabeth Southwell. Also mentioned was Herbert Edward Southwell, his son-in-law.

In 1911, Sarah Ann Adcock (68) was living with her daughter and son-in-law.

Sarah Ann Adcock died on 26 Dec 1926, aged 83. Probate was granted on 27 Jan 1931 to her daughter and only surviving child, Emma Elizabeth Southwell.

Cromwell Road, Peterborough
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William Naseby and Eliza Thompson

St. Andrew's Church, Cransley
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Eliza Naseby (née Thompson)
Reproduced from the
“Our Warwickshire” website

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Reference: T, B NAS, img: 7688
My 3x great-grand aunt, Eliza Thompson, daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, married William Naseby between April and June 1841 at her parish church of St Andrew's, Cransley, Northamptonshire. William Naseby, born in West Haddon, bap. 16 Apr 1815, was the son of William and Ann Naseby. 

They had a baker's dozen of children with Emma, William and Clara born in West Haddon and the rest born in Rugby: 

  1. Emma Naseby born 1842
  2. William Naseby born 1844
  3. Clara Ann Naseby born 1846
  4. James Naseby born 1848
    (died 1849, aged 1)
  5. Martha Naseby born 1850, bap. 2 Sep 1853 at Saint Andrew, Rugby
  6. Eliza Naseby born 1851, bap. 5 Dec 1851 at St Matthew's Church, Rugby
  7. Kate Ruth Naseby born 1853, bap 2 Sep 1853 at Saint Andrew, Rugby
  8. Maria Naseby born 1855 (died aged 2 days, buried 19 Oct 1855)
  9. Edith Naseby born 1857, bap. 9 Jun 1857 at Saint Andrew, Rugby (died 1859, aged 1)
  10. Owen William Thompson Naseby born 1859, bap. 3 May 1859 at Saint Andrew, Rugby, (died 1859 aged 0 and buried on 14 May 1859)
  11. Naomi Naseby born 1860
  12. Amy Maria Naseby born 1862
  13. Rebecca Naseby born 1865, bap. 9 Jan 1865 at Saint Andrew, Rugby

In 1841, newlyweds, William (20) and Eliza (17) were living in West Haddon. At least two of Eliza's sisters already lived in West Haddon, including Mary, wife of Stephen Botterill, then of The Bell Inn and the infamous Lucy Smith.

By 1851, William and Eliza had moved to Rugby, Warwickshire, with William (31) Ag Lab; Eliza (25); Emma (9), Clara A (5) and Martha (1).

In 1861, we find William Naseby (46) Fruiterer; with Eliza (37); Emma (18) and Martha (11), Eliza (9) and Kate (9) Scholars and Naomi (1). Clara A Naseby (15) was a pupil, boarding at an industrial school in Rugby under the care of matron, Mary Potton (50) widow. It says a lot about their thinking, as well as their standard of living, I think, that they felt the girls were worth educating.

In 1871, William Naseby (55) Gardener; Eliza (49); Eliza (19); Naomi (10); Amy M (8) and Rebecca (6). Visiting was Eliza's brother, William Thompson (47). 

In 1881, in Hillmorton Road, Rugby, there are just William Naseby (65) Market Gardener; Eliza (60) and John Brand (16) Garden Labourer.

In 1891, William Naseby (75) Market Gardener; Eliza (67) and her brother, William Thompson (64) listed as a Gardener Domestic Servant.

In 1901, William Naseby (85) Market Gardener and Eliza (77).

William Naseby
Reproduced from the
“Our Warwickshire” website

© Rugby Library
Reference: T, B NAS, img: 7687
From Our Warwickshire:

"William Naseby, green-grocer and market gardener, born in West Haddon in 1818 (sic), lived with his wife at Naseby Cottage, Hillmorton Road 1854-1905. Worked a large market garden on land developed by the Land Society, which became known as the "Naseby Estate". Lived for three years in a Lawrence Sheriff Almshouse prior to his death at 91 in 1907."

William Naseby died in Rugby in 1907, he was indeed 91. Eliza Naseby (née Thompson) died the following year, in 1908, aged 84.  

See how healthy vegetables are! 

Post card of Lawrence Sheriff Almshouses in Church St Rugby ca. 1900s
Reproduced from the “Our Warwickshire” website under Creative Commons Licence CC BY NC
© Warwickshire County Record office: PH352/152/128

John Blackett and Maria Thompson

Old Spitalfields Market
Image: Hulki Okan Tabak | Pixabay

Maria Thompson, daughter of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, married John Blackett. Well, I'll give this pair of slippery characters the benefit of the doubt: on the census returns they say that they're married, but I haven't [yet] found a record of a wedding anywhere. John Blackett's birthplace is given as Spitalfields and there is a potential baptism at St. Leonard's, Shoreditch on 27 Jul 1811, which would make him the son of a Joseph and Frances Blackett. 

Likewise, they appear reticent to register their children:

  1. Maria Blackett bap. 29 Jun 1834 at St Mary's, Whitechapel
  2. Henry Blackett born 1847 (mentioned only on 1851 census)
In 1841, Maria Blackett (25) Dressmaker - no sign of John or any child - is staying with her brother Daniel, in Cransley, Northamptonshire. 

In 1851, John and Maria Blackett are living in Wellington Place, Back Road, St George in the East with the household comprising: John Blackett (39), Butcher; Maria (38); Henry Blackett (4) and George Collins (24), Carpenter, Widower, Lodger; John Nursey (18) Lodger and John Grant (25) Lodger.

In 1861, at 4, Back Road, St George in the East, are John Blackett (49) Butcher; Maria (47); William Hill Adcock (21) Bookseller's Assistant, Visitor (Maria's brother Daniel's wife's brother's son); Benjamin Thompson (19) Bricklayer, Nephew (Daniel's son) and Henry M Thompson (10), Sugar Maker, Nephew. 

John Blackett died in 1866, in St George in the East, aged 54.

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James Adcock and Mary Hill

Former Church of St Michael the Greater, Stamford, Lincolnshire
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James Adcock, son of Joseph Adcock and Sarah Cook and brother of Mary Adcock, married Mary Hill, daughter of William Hill, on 5 Jun 1838 at All Saints Church, Pytchley, Northamptonshire. James' profession is listed on the marriage certificate as Carpenter and Joiner and he is already living in Stamford at the time of the marriage. Witnesses were an Edward Bryan and Louisa Cox.

James and Mary had five children, all born in in Stamford, Lincolnshire and baptised at the [former] church of St Michaels, Stamford.

  1. John Adcock born 1839, bap. 14 Apr 1839
  2. William Hill Adcock born 1840, bap. 11 Dec 1840
  3. Joseph Hill Adcock born 1842, bap. 20 Feb 1842
  4. Mary Elizabeth Adcock born 1844, bap. 6 Jun 1847 
  5. James Adcock born 1845, bap. 27 Feb 1847 (died 1847)
In 1841, James Adcock (25), wife Mary (30), John (2) and William (0) are all living in the parish of St Michael, Stamford, Lincolnshire.

In 1851, in the parish of All Saints, Stamford, we find James Adcock (38), Joiner, wife Mary (43) - birthplace listed as Denford, Northamptonshire - John (12), William (10), Joseph (9) and Mary (7). James had died, aged 1.

In 1861, in the parish of St George, Stamford, there are James Adcock (48), Carpenter, Mary (50), and daughter Mary (17), at that time a Dressmaker. John had married that year and gone to live in Peterborough. William Hill was in London visiting his cousins, John and Maria Blackett. Joseph Adcock (19), Gardener, was a visitor in the household of Edwin Wright in Northampton. 

Mary Adcock died, aged 62, and was buried on 18 Mar 1867.

The widowed James Adcock (60), Carpenter, in 1871, with daughter Mary E Adcock (27), Schoolmistress and Jane Gilbert (13), Domestic Servant.

James Adcock died, aged 63 and was buried on 17 Aug 1876.

Thursday, 6 May 2021

Thomas Thompson

Former Kettering Work House
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Thomas Thompson (bap. 14 Apr 1811 in Cransley, Northamptonshire), son of Solomon Thompson Jnr and Maria Willis, was a carpenter like his father.

In 1851, Thomas Thompson (40), Carpenter, was staying as a visitor with his sister, Lucy Smith and her husband in Foleshill, Warwickshire. 

In 1861, Thomas (50) was living alone in Cransley, Northampronshire.

And, in 1871, Thomas (60), was still a carpenter in Broughton

However by 1881, Thomas Thompson (70), carpenter, may have become too old or infirm to work or manage on his own, because he is listed as an inmate at Kettering Union Workhouse, later St Mary's Hospital, Kettering.

It would appear that Thomas Thompson died, in Kettering, in 1886.

Wednesday, 5 May 2021

Ann Wilton

Nazareth Gardens, Peckham Rye
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In 1878 Gordon Road Workhouse was built in the grounds of Nazareth House

The first mention of Ann Wilton, daughter of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, is on the 1841 census, living with her mother at Lewers Cottages, Royston. There she's listed as being 20, but subsequent records suggest she was a couple of years older than her sister Sarah and thus born in 1817.

Thirty years later, in 1871, Ann Wilton (54), Needlewoman, listed as 'wife's sister' is living in the household of her sister Sarah and her husband, Thomas Clark, in Camberwell. Living there also, listed as nephew and niece to the head of the household were Stephen Wilton (18) and Martha Wilton (10). 
  1. Stephen Wilton born 1848 in Southwark
  2. Martha Wilton born 1860 in Camberwell
Having checked the birth registrations for both of these children, they are illegitimate births and, by elimination, must therefore be Ann's children.

With her brother-in-law, Thomas Clark, having died in 1877 and sister, Sarah then lodging with her own daughter, options must have run out for Ann, because in 1881, Ann Wilton (64), is listed as an inmate at the Workhouse Gordon Road, Camberwell. As she is in 1891, in 1901 and maybe for the rest of her life.

Ann Wilton died, in Camberwell, in 1909, aged around 90-92.

Sarah Wilton and Thomas Clark

Part of the carriage drive in Southwark Park
cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Marathon -

Sarah Wilton, daughter of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, married Thomas Clark, son of Claudius Clark and Hannah Cornell, on 3 Apr 1839 in Royston, Hertfordshire. Thomas was baptised on 15 Mar 1818 in Great Dunmow, where his parents were married on 27 May 1817. Claudius was a wheelwright. Thomas, like Sarah's brothers, was a Harness Maker.

Thomas and Sarah had at least ten children:

  1. Thomas Clark Wilton born 1839 in Royston
  2. Ann Clark born 1841 in Dunmow
  3. Emma Clark born 1842 in Dunmow
  4. Sarah Wilton Clark born 1845 in Braintree
  5. Alfred Clark born 1847 in Braintree
  6. Robert Clark born 1849 in Southwark
  7. Caroline Clark born 1851 in Camberwell
  8. Elizabeth Clark born 1854 in Camberwell
  9. Thomas William Clark born 1857 in Camberwell
  10. Walter Edward Clark born 1862 in Camberwell

In 1841, Thomas Clark (23) and Sarah (22) are living in Great Dunmow, with children Thomas (2) and Ann (0).

We catch up with them again, in 1871, in Camberwell. In the household are Thomas Clark (53), Harness Maker, birthplace Dunmow; Sarah Clark (52), birthplace Royston; Robert Clark (22), Harness Maker, birthplace Southwark; Thomas Clark (13), Scholar, and Walter Clark (9), Scholar, birthplace Peckham. Also listed are Ann Wilton (54), Needlewoman, birthplace Royston, wife's sister; Stephen Wilton (18), Harness Maker, birthplace Southwark, Nephew and finally, Martha Wilton (10), Scholar, birthplace Peckham, Niece. 

Thomas Clark died, in Camberwell, in 1877, aged 59.

In 1881, Sarah Clark (62), widow, was lodging in the household of her married daughter, Caroline Thornhill (30) at 57, South Street, Camberwell.

But in 1891, Sarah Clark (72), widow, was employed as a General Servant Nurse in the household of Henry R Weller (29) in Kimberley Road, Lambeth.

Sarah Clark died in 1903, aged 84.

Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Charles William Fuller and Maria Wilton

Village Green, High Easter, Essex
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Maria Wilton, daughter of Henry Wilton and Sarah Staines, married Charles William Fuller (bap. 4 Nov 1832 in High Easter), son of Benjamin and Mary Ann Fuller, on 3 Oct 1862 in Great Dunmow, where, in 1861, Charles William Fuller, miller, was lodging. His father, Benjamin was a miller in High Easter

Charles and Maria had six children:
  1. Edith Mary Fuller born 1864, bap. 28 Sep 1864
  2. Annie Fuller born 1865, bap. 7 Apr 1867
  3. Henry Fuller born 1867, bap 7 Apr 1867
  4. Alfred William Fuller born 1868, bap. 18 Nov 1868
  5. Emily Maria Fuller born 1869 (died 1870)
  6. Charles William Fuller born 1871, bap. 24 Aug 1873
In 1871, Charles William Fuller (38), Corn Merchant's Clerk, is listed in High Street, Great Dunmow with wife Maria (27), sons Henry (4), Alfred (3) and Charles William (0), as well as Jane Philpott (56), Monthly Nurse. Edith Mary (6) was staying with her grandparents, Henry and Sarah Wilton, while Annie (5) was staying with her other grandparents, Benjamin and Mary Ann Fuller.

It must have been very soon afterwards, Charles William Fuller died, aged 38.

Then, the unthinkable: Maria Fuller also died in 1876, aged just 32.

In 1881, Edith M Fuller (16) is a Draper's Assistant to Joseph Parkhurst, Draper, in High Street, Chipping Ongar; Annie Fuller (15) is a Draper's Assistant in the household of Denny Stone, Draper, in Market Place, Romford; Henry Fuller (14) and Charles Fuller (10), Scholars, were living with grandfather, Henry Wilton in High Street, Great Dunmow; while Alfred William Fuller (13), had been sent to the Infant Orphan Asylum, Wanstead, West Ham, London (photo).

Edwin Joseph Wilton and Maria Seaton

Buckingham Road, Brighton, BN1
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Edwin Joseph Wilton, eldest son of Joseph Wilton and Ann Thurlbourn, married Maria Seaton, from Holbeach, Lincolnshire, in Hackney, London, in 1877.

Edwin and Maria had five children: 

  1. Sydney Edwin Wilton born 1878 in Great Dunmow
  2. Frederick William Wilton born 1879 in Great Dunmow
  3. Reginald Wilton born 1883 in Great Dunmow
  4. Dorothy Wilton born 1888 in Great Dunmow
  5. Frank Wilton born 1891 in Brighton

After the death of his father in 1873, in 1881, Edwin Joseph Wilton (37), is listed at the Outfitters Shop, High Street, Great Dunmow, a General Outfitter, employing 4 men and 1 boy. He's assisted by his brother, Arthur Thurlbourn Wilton (30), Clothier. Living in the household too are wife Maria (28), sons Sydney (3) and Frederick (1) and Julia French (19), Domestic Servant. 

By 1891, Edwin Joseph Wilton (47), Clothier, and his wife Maria (39), Sydney E (13) and Frederic W (11), had moved to 26 & 27, North Road, Brighton, Sussex. They'd added three more children; Reginald (7), Dorothy (3) and Frank (0) and employed two assistants: John Jarris (21), Herbert Tapley (17) and two Domestic Servants: Mary Ruffle and Elizabeth Ruffle, both 13. 

In 1901, they had moved even more upmarket to 8, Buckingham Road, Brighton, with Edwin J Wilton (57), Clothier, wife Maria (49), Sydney E Wilton (23), has become an assistant in the business, Reginald (17), Dorothy (13) and Frank (10) are all still at home. Also listed are Albert Baker (19), Clothiers Assistant and Elizabeth Ruffle (23), General Domestic Servant.

In 1911, still at 8, Buckingham Road, Brighton, we have Edwin Joseph Wilton (67), Maria (59), daughter Dorothy (23) and Elizabeth Ruffle (33), General Domestic Servant.

Edwin Joseph died in Brighton, aged 82, in 1925.

William Thomas Jarvis and Sarah Ann Wilton

Watling Street, Thaxted. The B184 curves around the churchyard on the right. All of the buildings here are listed at grade II. cc-by-sa/2.0 - © Robin Webster -

Sarah Ann Wilton, daughter of Joseph Wilton and Ann Thurlbournmarried William Thomas Jarvis, in Great Dunmow, on 17 Jan 1866. 

They had two children:

  1. Kate Jarvis born 1867 in Great Dunmow
  2. William Thomas Jarvis born 1868 in Great Dunmow
In 1861, Sarah A Wilton, Milliner, was a boarder in the household of Alfred Sprent, Draper & Grocer, in Watling Street, Thaxted

By 1871, Sarah Jarvis (28), Dressmaker, had been widowed and was living with her two children and her sister Clara Jane in the High Street, Great Dunmow. 

Sarah Ann herself died in 1874, aged just 31.

In 1881, Kate Jarvis (14) was a general servant in the household of Susan F Sprent (38), widow, in Town Street, Thaxted, Dunmow, Essex.

Martha Wilton and James Pearce

Melbourn High Street
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In 1849, Martha Wilton (42), third daughter of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, married widower, James Pearce and gained a ready-made family. 

James Pearce, bap. 29 Apr 1804, son of William and Elizabeth Pearce, in the parish of Foulmire (Fowlmere, Cambridgeshire), had previously married Hannah Jackson, on 10 Nov 1829, in Guilden Morden, Cambridgeshire. In 1841, when Martha was looking after her sister Elizabeth's children, James and Hannah Pearce were living in Kneesworth Street, Royston. 

However, Hannah Pearce died in 1848, aged 42. 

In 1851, James and Martha Pearce are living in Melbourn, then in Hertfordshire, with James (47) who was a Wool-stapler (a wool-stapler buys wool from the producer, sorts and grades it, and sells it on to manufacturers), Martha (43), and James' six children: William Pearce (19) also a wool-stapler, Hannah Jackson Pearce (13) dressmaker, Mary (11), James (9), Samuel (7) and Thomas (5).

In 1861, living in Baldock Road, Bassingbourn, Royston, were James (57), Martha (53), with James (19), Samuel (17) and Thomas (15) still at home.

James Pearce died in 1868, aged 64.

James must have left Martha (62) and the children provided for, as in 1871, she is living, in West Terrace, Baldock Road, Bassingbourn, Royston, with step-sons James (29) and Samuel (26), but then in 1881, Martha Pearce (70), widow, annuitant, was living alone at Alms House, 8, Kneesworth Street, Royston. And in 1891, at Alms House, Kneesworth Road, Bassingbourne, Royston. Likewise, in 1901, Martha is at Mill Yard, Alms House, Kneesworth Street, Royston.

Alms houses in Kneesworth Street are mentioned (with photo) in Royston Register of Buildings of Local Interest (PDF), as a building of local architectural and historic interest, which clearly illustrates important aspects of the social history of the town:
Mrs. Barfield’s Almshouses, Kneesworth Street
Mrs. Barfield was the widow of Reverend Barfield and purchased the land on the west side of Kneesworth Street for 4 Almshouses. These were built in 1833 for poor windows. At a later date 3 others were built opposite from the accumulation of funds with the fourth funded by C. Beldam Esq. The Almshouses were built in 1858 and are constructed of gault brick in Flemish Bond with hip slate roofs. Tall gault brick chimneys project at intervals along the roof line and out of the end hips close to the eaves. The Almshouses are designed as two single storey elongated blocks situated parallel to each other and orientated to end onto the road. A lower central outhouse block is situated at a central point at right angles between the two rows of houses, creating an 'H' shaped layout. The balance and symmetry of the layout, form and design of the Almshouses are key to their local architectural and historic interest and their design contribution within the street scene.
Martha Pearce died in Royston in 1904, at the grand old age of 97. 

Royston: in Kneesworth Street
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Elizabeth Wilton and John Pryor

Royston: early blossom in Kneesworth Street
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Elizabeth Wilton, second daughter of Stephen Wilton and Elizabeth Hankin, married John Pryor in Royston, Hertfordshire on 4 Sep 1823. 

John and Elizabeth appear to have seven children:

  1. Lydia Pryor 17 Jun 1824, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  2. Henry Pryor born 14 Nov 1827, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  3. Francis Pryor born 4 Mar 1830, bap. 24 Jun 1837
  4. Matthew Pryor 14 Nov 1832, bap. 26 Jun 1837
  5. Elizabeth Pryor born 9 Dec 1834, bap. 24 Jun 1837 (died 1841)
  6. William Bateson Pryor born 1837
  7. Alfred John Pryor born 1839

All of these baptisms took place at the New Meeting House, Royston. They must have felt the need to catch up before Civil Registration came in on 1 Jul 1837.

From the National Archives:

There had been a meeting of Protestant dissenters in Royston since 1700. In 1706 the Old Meeting House was erected in the Middle Row in Kneesworth Street. In 1790 a dispute arose over doctrine and a group withdrew from the Old Meeting, to form a new Meeting. In 1791 a New Meeting house was built on another site in Kneesworth Street. The two Meetings continued to worship side-by-side until 1841, when a new building was erected for the Old Meeting in John Street and opened in 1843. The former building was converted into private houses.

The two Meetings combined in May 1922 to form the Royston Congregational Church, which continued to meet in the New Meeting House in Kneesworth Street. The buildings in John Street were sold.

In 1972, Royston Congregational Church, became Royston United Reformed Church, which closed c1982. The buildings in Kneesworth Street are now used as a museum.

It looks very much like Elizabeth Pryor (née Wilton) died in 1840. 

Elizabeth Pryor, aged 6, died towards the end of 1841.

Elizabeth's sister, Martha Wilton, was living in John Pryor's household in 1841, along with Lydia Pryor (17), William B Pryor (3) and Alfred Pryor (2). 

It would appear that John Pryor remarried, in Royston, in 1842 to Edith Sell.

  1. Edith Sell Pryor born 1843, bap. 25 Aug 1844
  2. Tempest Simeon Sell Pryor born 1846
Edith Sell Pryor died, aged 37, in 1850 and I believe John Pryor may have died too, because, in 1851, son Alfred (12) from his first marriage, Edith (7) and Tempest (5), surname spelt Prior, are all at the Bassingbourn Union Workhouse (Bassingbourn union was another name for the Royston Union Workhouse).

Royston and District Museum
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