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Monday, 16 August 2021

John Hurley Coombe and Mary Jane Southcott

East side of St Peter's Church, Tiverton
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John Hurley Coombe, son of James Coombe and Sarah Hurley, married Mary Jane Southcott, daughter of William Southcott and Temperance Cosway, at St Peter's Church, Tiverton, on 7 Sep 1869. 

John and Mary Jane had six children:

  1. John William Southcott Coombe b. 1869 in Tiverton. (Died aged 7, in 1876, in Tiverton.)
  2. Sarah Jane Coombe born 1871, bap. 19 May 1872 in Shoreditch. (Died aged 5 and was buried on 19 Sep 1876 at Victoria Park Cemetery, Hackney.)
  3. Fanny Maria Coombe born 1874 in Shoreditch
  4. Frederick Coombe born 1876 in Shoreditch
  5. Charles Henry Coombe born 1878 in Holborn
  6. James Coombe born 1883 in Holborn (Died in 1884, aged 0)
In 1871, John H Coombe (24) Tailor, Mary J Coombe (18) and John H S Coombe (1) had been living with his father, James Coombe, who had married Mary Jane's mother, Temperance, in 1866, in Kiddles Court, Tiverton, Devon.

In 1881, John Hurley Coombe (35) Journeyman tailor, Mary Jane Coombe (28), Fanny Maria (7), Frederick (5) and Charles Henry (3) were living at 10, Green Street, St Andrew Holborn. 

Mary Jane Coombe (née Southcott) died in 1887, aged 33, so in 1891, John H Coombe (45) Widower, was living in Leigh Street, Holborn, with Fanny Maria (17) Packer soap factory, Frederick (14) Printer's boy and Charles H (12).

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