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Friday, 30 July 2021

Charles Ridgeway and Alice Conibeer

Old and new houses in Copplestone near Tiverton
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In 1922, Charles Ridgway (b. 3 Mar 1895), son of James Ridgeway and Harriet Stone, married Alice Conibeer (b. 7 Apr 1890) and in 1939, Charles Ridgeway, Lorry Driver, and his wife Alice, were living at Copplestone Cottage, West Manley, TivertonAlice Ridgway died in 1949, aged 59. Charles Ridgway died on 19 May 1958, aged 63, leaving his effects to his sister, Nellie Burt.

Undoubtedly, Copplestone Cottage belonged to Copplestone Farm, West Manley, about which we learn, "The site formed part of the Manor of Tiverton, granted in the 13th century to the alien Priory of St James in Exeter. The lands of that priory were seized by Henry VI and granted to King's College Cambridge, who held them until 1926. The tenements of Copplestone and Sellake were named for 17th and 18th century tenants; Copplestone survives, but the farmhouse at Sellake was lost between 1926 and 1934." 

(Several family members have been found at Sellake.)
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