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Tuesday, 24 August 2021

Horace William Ridgeway and Euphemia I Wilson

St James' Church, Wetherby
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On 4 Jun 1938, Horace W Ridgeway, younger son of Henry Ridgeway and Maud Emily Kemp, married Euphemia I Wilson, in Wetherby, Yorkshire. 

The Aberdeen Press And Journal announced on 6 Jun 1938: 
RIDGEWAY-WILSON: At Wetherby Parish Church, Yorkshire on 4th June 1938, by the Rev. Milnes, Horace William, son of Mr and Mrs Ridgeway, of Torquay, South Devon, to Effie, younger daughter of the late James Wilson and of Mrs Wilson, 8 Victoria Crescent, Cullen.

In 1939, Horace and Effie were living at Devon Cottage, Wharfe View Estate, Wetherby. The name of the cottage gave them away! Horace was employed as a "Sales Representative For Manager Of Glazed Files Fire Places", while Effie was the "Private Secretary To Director Woollen Merchants". 

Not [yet] sure what happened to Effie, but Horace William Ridgeway died, in 1996, back in Torbay, Devon. He will have been 85.

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