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Lime Street, Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire

Houses at the junction of Lime Street and Custom House Street, Sutton Bridge

My late cousin in Ireland had told me that her great-grandfather (my 2nd great-grandfather), Thomas Jones, had been a coastguard - this was confirmed on his sons, David and Nicholas' marriage certificates - and that she had been down to Baltimore, West Cork in an attempt to find any trace of the family. She'd had no luck searching at the CofI churches there. But from that information, eventually, I traced Thomas' posting - on 2 Jun 1851 - via the Coastguard Establishment Books for Ireland (ADM 175/19) at The National Archives at Kew

That record also told me that his previous posting had been at Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire, where on Sunday 30 March 1851 on the England and Wales Census, 1851, we find the family resident in Lime Street, with Thomas Jones (33), Boatman Coastguard, wife Mary Jones (30), daughter Mary Ann (7), son Reece (1), son David (0) and sister-in-law Ellen Harty (26) visiting.

Sutton Bridge 1886 to 1887 National Library of Scotland

Before our trip to Lincolnshire back in September 2020, I'd attempted to see if I could determine which house the family lived in. The terraced houses arranged along the north side of Lime Street still remain today, exactly as they were in 1886/7 with 27 dwellings, but unfortunately, it's not that simple.

In 1841, there were only eight households in Lime Street, among them two Customs Boatmen, but it's not possible to be certain which eight houses stood that they will have occupied. By 1851, there appear to be 36 households in the street, so these may include situations where more than one household occupies a dwelling (although I don't think that's the case, as lodgers and boarders are mentioned in the households), other dwellings that have since disappeared, or just badly listed and were actually in other streets. It's also not possible to ascertain which end of the street that the enumerator started from. 

All I can say is that the family may have lived in one of these houses pictured: 

Looking west along Lime Street

Looking east along Lime Street

Old Custom House on West Bank, Sutton Bridge

At the end of Lime Street, on West Bank, there is an Old Custom House, but I don't yet know if this was contemporary in 1851, or was perhaps built later.

A month before leaving England in the June, on Thu 1 May 1851, Thomas and Mary (and Ellen, I think) went on a trip to undertake the baptisms of both sons Rees and David at St Mary’s Roman Catholic Church, Kings Lynn, Norfolk.

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