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  1. John Rookley 6 months for Larceny in Exeter in 1841
  2. Lucy Smith 6 months for Larceny in Northampton in 1844
  3. Arthur Edward Penfold sentenced to death for murder 1891

A list of relatives consigned to the various workhouses:
  1. Eliza CrowGreat Dunmow Union Workhouse 1842
  2. Jane Middleton and her infant sons, Robert Middleton and William Middleton, South Molton Union Workhouse 1851-1854
  3. Alfred Pryor (12) Edith (7) and Tempest (5)Bassingbourn Union Workhouse 1851
  4. Elizabeth Wilton (13) and Ellen Wilton (4)Great Dunmow Union Workhouse 1861
  5. Thomas ThompsonKettering Union Workhouse 1881
  6. William ThompsonKettering Union Workhouse 1881
  7. Arthur Edward Penfold St Andrew's Workhouse, Norwich 1888
  8. Ann WiltonWorkhouse Gordon Road, Camberwell 1881-1909
  9. Jane Stone and daughter Louisa Jane, Tiverton Union Workhouse 1891
  10. Frederick, Eliza, Arthur and Bessie SouthcottTiverton Union Workhouse 1891-1913
  11. Isaac PhillipsRomford Union House 1891-1892
  12. Ann SoppitTynemouth Parish Workhouse 1901
  13. Charles John Northcott, Elmore Workhouse (Tiverton) 1908
  14. William Hill Adcock, Dartford Union Workhouse 1911
  15. Cornelius Jones, died in the Workhouse Infirmary in Cork, 1926

Other Asylums and institutions: 
  1. Elfrida Trevail, Patient at the Cornwall County Asylum 1871-1921
  2. Ann Bennett Trevail, Inmate of the Cornwall County Asylum, 1901
  3. Mary Jane Penfold London County Asylum, The Heath, Dartford 1901
  4. Sarah Ann Edmond, died at The Mental Hospital, Exminster, 1933
  5. Mary Trevail died at Netherne Hospital (formerly The Surrey County Asylum or Netherne Asylum: a psychiatric hospital), Coulsdon, Surrey in 1938
  6. Constance Mary Helen Edmond, was resident at the The Royal Western Counties Institution For Training And Treatment Of Mental Defectives, Starcross, originally known as the Western Counties Idiot Asylum, 1939
  7. Mary Louisa Adcock Botterill was consigned to what was then called the Leavesden Asylum for Idiots and Imbeciles in 1947
  8. Josephine Grace Reich St Lawrence's Hospital (formerly Cornwall County Asylum), Bodmin 1977

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